Monday, October 15, 2007

obligatory fall break recount

ok so weekend was damn fun, even though there was an excessive amount of silence. let us now laboriously recount, cos i am in my room (ALONE! :D:D) and i have the entire afternoon stretching ahead of me and i am full of thai food and i can blast my music in my room and weather very nice. hee. freshman yr damn shiok sia.

so. went on road trip around new hampshire with singaporeans - me vernie ting luke andrew shuwei tx corinne meg.

trip was DAMN singaporean - main attractions were food, and go see mountain must take most expensive train ride to top, and HAD to have outlet shopping. haha. but shiok la. is like family trip.

fri - drove to hampton beach, had freaking nice seafood dinner at restaurant whose name i have forgotten cos i am oblivious to everything non-edible - me and vernie shared stuffed mushrooms and clam chowder and this lovely little critter:

i want to marry it leh. sam and crustaceans make damn good pair. but i will be widow after one day so not v good idea la hor. omg dunno what i am saying alr. soz.

luke was damn happy with his lobster. (happy until use straw to suck out lobster juice hor. WIN ME K) it was good to see someone more enthusiastic about his food than me, and in a bib, no less.

(yes, the one in the bib.)

was happy bitch after that. then went back to motel room to watch tv then sleep, cos singaporean.

next morning went for grease-infested breakfast at friendly's, which was guhd stuff. waffles and sausage and blahblahblah. oh god i hate recounting. then went back to hampton beach which was bloody bloody nice. no cloud in sky and no peoples on beach and all was well:

until right after this picture these two gentlemen threw me into the sea. so i resigned as singsoc chairman.

but i sit on beach until DAMN HAPPY ZOMG. it is amazing what good weather can do to mood. ting brought out her beach chairs and ipod player and blasted kings of convenience and nouvelle vague songs and i run around beach and play until very very shiok.

cannot resist la. must desecrate pretty beach with this demon.

i made my perfect sandball! (#1. grab fistful of wet sand - but not too wet - and roll into tight ball. must be tight if not will crumble when thrown. #2. sprinkle with dry sand, make sure covers everything. acts as sawdust, so ball will stay intact also.)

shit la. look like cock in all the pictures. please forgive.

faux artistic shot/ obligatory group photo. like jc og. hahahahaha. sorry.

after that, drove to small quaint town in portsmouth where after shopping for a bit, we felt hungry again so... ate again. went to some brewery cos the men need their ale, i had apple cider and we shared calamari and steak sandwich. then drove again, and stopped for... dinner. SIAO K. THE EATING. IS DAMN SHIOK.

went to merlino's steak house where i had damn nice sirloin steak (by exhibiting humongous self-control again, i didn't order french onion soup and shared the steak with tx.) and tx, taking on the role of paternal banker, ordered bottle of wine to share. shiokelaosai la. hoooo. think bout it the stomach will giggle with joy one. it is giggling now. heehee.

sun - drove halfway up mount washington after breakfast in geriatric motel (seriously. only i will spend holiday among old fogey central, and like it la k.). THE DRIVE WAS V NICE. omg. new england is super chio.

andrew drove and under the excellent influence of tx, he drove bloody fast on mountain road, until can hear wind scream around car one. wah lau. 110mph is chao exciting. i love it. (ok lah damn cheap thrill, but my life v boring k. must be excited at things like these.)

upon reaching the halfway mark, the mountain ppl (nyeheheh. my english win) told us cannot drive up cos got like freaking blizzard and it was -4degrees fahrenheit at the top. so we took steamtrain!
steamtrain coming.
steamtrain lai liao. can ignore the two people in front.

BUT THEN WHEN GOT TO THE TOP WAS COLD UNTIL TONGUE CAN DRY UP OK. omg. step off train cannot breathe one. then must climb rocks to get to summit but i was wearing 3 lousy layers and freaking canvas shoes so i died halfway and went indoors and bought hot chocolate. hahahah damn lousy zomg. luke andrew and tx were the only ones who got to the summit and tried to take picture with shaking hands and picture turned out damn lousy.

we couldn't even see anything, cos everything was white. but nvm la, is good experience. now winter in wesleyan will be peesai.

damn angry, i made snowballs but neh take peekcha. sat play with sandball, sun play with snowball. COOLBEANS SIA.
view from train on ride back.

after train, went shopping at outlet mall and bought too many things again. but all long sleeve so they are justified.

had four hr drive back, almost got killed by trailer truck, and got scolded by americans.

*at toll booth*
*andrew pass money to toll guy but cannot reach cos car too far*
tollboothguy: (shouting grumpily) come closer, i won't bite you know.
a: (happily) ok!
a: (after driving off) cheeeeee bai.

came back to empty room, showered, went over to chinese house cos andrew cooked dinner, had tea with shuwei and tx, siyou came back from boston, started spewing singlish in kitchen cos i didn't speak for the last 3 days,trashed things out with andrew and luke and now there is no more misunderstanding and we are BFFL (best friends for life) hahaha, then adjourned to nate's room to watch borat until 3am and stumbled back to room to faint on bed.

so that was my fall break. just had late thai lunch with siyou vernie kinyan. and now must go gym, cos i am starting to look like buddha.

so... byebye and sorry for damn long and boring post.

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