Tuesday, October 2, 2007


eeeeeee. i have to finish mdm bovary (still), invisible man, write an essay on pushkin and flaubert, study for econs test, finish econ assignment, study for astro test and write article for school paper, but this is what i have been doing:

- spending 1hr on facebook/looking at models with thomas
- spreading the joy of babyanimalz.com (thanks rachel)
- discussing hamster/wolf/flying squirrels stories with nate and somin
- ranking my seven sins and comparing them with siyou
(mine are
1. gluttony (obviously)
2. sloth
3. envy
4. greed
5. pride
6. lust
7. wrath, just fyi.)
- watching this asdl;fkhsdufhasdjf video. i shall not comment on it. pls see for yourself.
- visiting this AWESOMELY gay website, orisinal.com (thanks nate.)
- playing this AWESOMELY BRAIN-NUMBING game, at http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/Boxhead-2Play-Rooms.html
(it is addictive. i sit in room and play for 1 hr at 2am, while drunk hallmates outside socialising) (thanks luke.) (also, can play with two ppls!!!)

in other news, yesterday i woke at noon and missed all my classes for the day. :( i am a bad, bad student.

today, on the way back from dance class
adam: i wrote this paper stoned, and i got an A.
either he very clever, or the standards at this school are... very fluid.

Email from singaporean. it... made me spit coffee in library.
ok you maggots.

here is easy chop chop can finish recipe.

nasi lemak OR chicken rice. your pick.

chicken rice i can give you recipe. nasi lemak you can ask adik to ask her
mak for the real recipe. or you can anyhow hantum also can. angmoh bo hou
jiak. asian jiak say bo hou jiak, tell them to cook lah. ok lah jking ah.

the troublesome thing for nasi lemak is the sambal belachan and the frying
of the ikan bilis (the small small jiliap jiliap fish. don't tell me you
tak tahu.) the rest, like the frying of the egg, cutting of the cucumber
sure no prob for you guys who have done home econs.

the troublesome thing for chicken rice is the rice. got to mince garlic
and onion, cut ginger, remove the skin from the breast, fry the skin with
the garlic and onion, etc.

THE MAIN THING IS, we are playing mahjong with the lui, so that we can
properly nourish our (sporean only) minds and bodies. 150 dollar is many
many one.

a 10kg pack of rice - 15
pork belly X2 - 12
sauces (oyster sauce, light sauce, sesame oil, rice wine and other extra
stuff for future dinners) - 40
chicken breast, stop and shop - 16

you see what i mean?

then, i also got idea, i think is bright one. we buy meat from adong, then
come back after 10 mins and say we want to change the meat. so the meat is
reflected in the receipt but we change the meat for durian. ho bou? i
wonder if we can do the same for beer at stop and shop...


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