Sunday, November 11, 2007


nothing to say, except life is ok.

ee. that must be the worst rhyme ever.

my wesid and room key were lost last night and found this morning. THANK THE GODS. felt like cripple ok omg damn irritating. roommate locked me out of room AFTER I CAME OUT FROM SHOWER so life was quite funny this morning.

but i found 20 bucks on the ground so life sorta picked up.

but now i am studying (in the loosest, loosest sense of the word) for econs tmr so life is sorta going down again.

fri night was a waste of time. went around campus doing various stupid things then fell asleep while watching 3oo in erwin's room cos someone came up with grand idea of drinking a shot everytime the word 'sparta' or any of its derivatives came up during the movie.

seriously, college brings the word 'banal' to a whole new level.

oh but had a nice chill time in j's room where we smoked tobacco-less, nicotine-less, organic shisha. essentially, wasn't shisha alr. haha.

last night went for expresiones concert, which was a bunch of performances put up by the latino community in wesleyan. me and shirin were awed by the amount of hip-movement that goes into each dance - somehow it seems physically impossible for asians in general. oh well, i was generally thankful that i'm being exposed to so many cultures alien to singapore - no where else can i come into contact with so many vibrant, passionate communities.

ok mushy time over, back to diminishing returns to labour, which essentially summarizes my relationship with econs very, very well.

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