Wednesday, August 27, 2008

laife :) and happy birthday xtine!!!!

just came back from a warm and happy surprise birthday lunch and PS dempsey for christine, with another motley crew: me rachel joy yiming andre racheltan luke dwayne simon fabien and er, keith han. hahaha. is insane, this recent spate of motley crew-ness. but nice and comfortable and fun, unlike the forced, unnatural and painfully awkward group torture activities i was subjected to at uni. i think the presence of singlish adds muchly to the immediate comfort and assimilation. and the fact that there's nary a degree of separation between us. HIYAH WHY SO SHIOK ONE. SINGAPORE ROCKS LA.

ok that's all. the heartwarm-ness induced this sudden blog post. aaaaand... bye!

ps. don't wanna go to sch leh.

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