Tuesday, August 19, 2008

aboot tahme fer a noo pohste.

i do not know why my title is written in a bad scottish accent, but there you go.

so i haven't blogged lately cos life has been one long scrambly ooze of friends, family and sleep. is very nice, this life. if only someone would give me oh, 10 million USD, i would be able to keep up this happy lifestyle forever. ... anyone...?

let me start from last tues, cos my memory spans only one week. tues was very nice and lazy day spent with jerrine, and i got my first pedicure! my toes now look weird and womanly. everytime i look down i get a shock, cos i am no longer scruffy. or, as scruffy. this will not last though, cos i am me. evening went to jerrine's house and screamed at chinese and japanese (KOHEI UCHIMURA 4 LYFEEEEE) male gymnasts with adeline scoffing at us from one corner.

wed was adeline's farewell lunch at tomton with the usual, with a few male guests: dwayne, abel and luke. very motley, but very nice. left them early to go run 6km with naomin (some say i'm crazy) and then a very loser night of 'mambo' ensued. i ended up eating indian food and shishaing till the wee hours of the morning with nat naomin sk and sean. laughed until dieded at shit like 'nat, when you're old, your hair will be long and white'. don't ask.

saw adeline off on thurs at airport, saw joy for a bit which was nice even though she insulted me to within an inch of my.... life la. lunch with nat etc, then money no enough 2 at night with jas whom i have not seen for a freaking yr. movie sucked. is hao gong ming movie, cos jack neo wants us all to love our mothers with a passion. he really does.

fri i was fevery and wobbly the whole day, so that sucked.

saturday (oh god this is so boring) was cell bbq at my place. it was fun, made more so by common interest in the little sports competition going on now that is the olympics. a lot of screaming over black runners. i like doing things like that. edwin and josia made me very aware of my ungirliness again though. sianzzzzz~~~~ always like that one la, my life.

sun met nao and sk for a very tiring day of... collecting marathon tickets. then grandmother's dinner over the table tennis game.

today i went for lunch with my mother and her friends and felt very uncomfortable for most of it but it was worth it cos i got free japanese food. such is the state of my destitution. in the evening, met christine jerrine to eat xo fish soup FINALLY, then rachel and luke trickled in and ended up having dessert and some colouring fun at house in dempsey. a rather nice and friend-ful and comfortable night. VERY SHIOK I LOVE IT I AM HAPPY.

ok now i should sleep cos need to run tmr cos i am... 'a fitness freak', according to jerrine. then on to meet charmaine for some good ol' complaining about life, and then shisha with luke and siyou and assorted wesleyan people. ah, plans. i like plans.

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