Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i need fall break to come. now.

'... it is almost impossible to distinguish between playacting and true feelings. To decide that I love my mother and will stay with her, or to stay with her by putting on a charade, amount to the same thing. In other words, feelings are developed through the actions we take, therefore I cannot use them as guidelines for action.'
- Sartre, 'L'Existentialism est un humanisme'.

If what Sartre says is true, then relationships and love and whatnot are merely situational, circumstantial, and arbitrarily substantial. Not the most cheerful thought to have at 1.30am, in a quiet house by myself eh. But then again, we are all happy in whatever capacity we have been exposed to. happiness is not an absolute quantity; it is merely relative. and i guess that's all that matters.

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