Tuesday, February 19, 2008

rainy days and mondays always get me down

this eerily apt song came up on my itunes shuffle. is too cosmic an occurrence to ignore, so shall blog. besides, have essay to start on and my fingers refuse to type anything of any consequence so there shall be word vomit.

let me tell you about my mondays.

10am-1pm - work at lab
1-2pm - french lesson
2-2.40pm - rush homework for 2.40 class
2.30-4pm fairy tales class
4-30-5.30pm - french TA
6-6.30pm - econ TA
6.30-8pm - excel workshop (ksjdfhakdsjhfakljfh)
8pm-7am - agonize over essay and die

add a healthy dose of drizzly rain and leaky rainboots to the mix and there you have it. joy.

only redeeming thing was cooking dinner. eric called and went over to cook ramen, but NO FREAKING POT. AND NO FREAKING OIL. so we er, cooked it in a pan and improvised. he brought out some amazing korean chili paste/meat sauce thing and i FORCED him to add egg to the noods and IT WAS AWESOME. then after that still hungry, so cooked er, fried porridge in pan, with seaweed and sausage. looked like vomit, but was good until er, vomit.

damn proud of the rice. when have photo, will out up.

ok now am damn full and sleepy but... must... write... about... lu... xun.....

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