Thursday, February 21, 2008

eyes burning.

omg i am so so so so so so so so tired. today was crazy again. work from 10-1, class until 4, wanted to take nap but siyou and paul didn't allow me so i stupidly had dinner before water polo practice (which is becoming crazy and insane. as in, swim until want to physically vomit, insane.), then 1 hour of taiko practice, then write essay (twice, cos some FUCKER in the library logged me off and didn't save my draft).

today i cooked a sausage in my room. it was unexpectedly exciting and rewarding.

also, tonight i witnessed a lunar eclipse. could see the corona and all, was v v cool. i love the cosmos.

walking alone back to my dorm from the library after the eclipse, the sky was completely clear and the moon unusually bright and full and the air was crisp and cold and the moonlight was lighting my way and casting shadows. it made me very inexplicably happy. i stood outside my room and looked at the moon for like, 5 minutes. i think roommate think i crazy alr but... I LOVE THE MOON LAAA. being able to see the craters fills me with very innocent childish joy.

also, the fact that eric just called and arranged to go eat pho tmr. with more koreans. YES. i love pho. (and koreans, but that has already been very well-established.)

proof that eric cannot understand english:
siyou: did you see the moon? how did it look like?
eric: uhhh... it is because the earth moves between the moon and the sun...

SIAO. no brain lor. hahahaha.

OH OH OH. must tell you bout my hansel and gretel class today. my teacher is INSANE.

so, she stomps into class in old woman costume, slams the door and throws entire bag of mixed grains on the ground and then yells at us imbeciles to get on the floor, NOW, and sort them out. so the entire class of 19yr olds (and one 20 yr old :(:(:() kneels down around the pile of grain and sorts them out for HALF AN HOUR, in silence, cos cannot talk. then suddenly she pull me up in front of everyone and shout at me to spit out my gum, NOW. so i spit and was embarrassed.

this is what i pay 50k a year for. win.

ok ok eyes si liao. must go, byebye!

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