Sunday, February 10, 2008

hello christine

i bloggeth for you.

so last night was excellent night of drunken shouting in my room with somin siyou paul eric and later isaac. a lot of k-pop youtubing, some jumping on the bed, a little photoboothwhoring/acting like pregnant women/spartans ensued.

before that was horseriding. my horse today kept farting whenever it trotted. and i kept laughing. almost fell down, damn scary.

this reminds me of a story. once i went on tour and there was this guy who dropped a ball on the ground. then he bent down to pick it up, and he farted. but the ball rolled away, and he bent down again, so he farted again. HE DID THIS 5 TIMES. I died.

heeheehee. ok i laughing to myself in computer lab. not cool.

had lunch with jega also, who i haven't seen in too long. made a pact to go brazil together for carnivale, once in our lives. even if 95 yrs old and body is a... sag, still go.

ok now must go practice skit with siyou for CNY celebrations tonight. i am playing the role of a stupid, irritating, greedy child. actually, don't need to act la.

i think my face will run away to hide tonight.

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