Monday, February 18, 2008

the devil's brew

at this moment in time, when my head is a ringing bell and my stomach a roiling cauldron of caterpillars and all things slimy, I SWEAR NEVER TO DRINK AGAIN.

ah, but i am a chronic reneger so... this will unfortunately happen again.

so. fri night was spent in paul's room with the usual ppl, doing goodness knows what. sat night went to filipino night, (WHERE THEY SERVED A WHOLE ROAST PIG LK;FJAL;SJDFLA;DJKALSK;DFJALKS;DFJ COOL SHIT SIA), watched vagina monologues, which induced in me a whole new appreciation for the word 'cunt', then got drunk beyond er, sanity at senior fauver with many asians again. was fun and all, but i ended up in someone's room and seitaro nate and suechung very very nicely sent me home amid my drunken ramblings on why we don't talk to each other enough when sober. shit. embarrassing.

thought: money is wasted on the rich.

me: *looking at isaac's tie* eh your tie damn nice
isaac: yeah, i got it pretty cheap, about 40 bucks at a sale.
me: *looking at label* wtf! it's a freaking marni tie!
isaac: huh what's marni? i thought it was Armani and they took away the 'A'.


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