Sunday, February 3, 2008


ok my titles are getting more and more uninspired.

i just got off the phone with jerrine! short conversation, but hearing her voice makes me damn happy omg. so nice. also, so gay. but whatever.

nicest thing that has been said to me since i came to school:

me: (just for the sake of saying) i'm thinking of transferring... mebbe to brown or something.
eric and somin: NO!
somin: i'll be so bored!
eric: i'll have no one funny to talk to! don't go!

so, life so far has been a tad better than last term.
mon-thurs: veritable whirlwind of studying in the library very ineffectually.

fri was miserable rainy day, so slept in room until paul called cos he was sick of watching youtube in his room. come over and... sang along to theresa teng on my computer. it is very disconcerting that a 19-yr-old boy from korea reminds me (and has the same favourite song) as my mother.

went to string jazz concert in evening, which totally went whizzing over my head cos i am a philistine, then to senior fauver for azn partay again. was quite fun, even though eric, isaac and erwin conspired to torture me by er, stealing my rainboots and bouncing on my lap and putting me in a headlock. :(

today went shopping with eric paul and jongmin. 3 korean boys wearing identical black leather jackets and one girl wearing black coat walking in a mall in the midst of suburbia is... quite a sight la. like gang, damn embarrassing.

the mall was a shithole though. they scolded me for bringing them there.

watched movie with siyou in the evening, then went to lorise for another... you guessed it. azn party. hung out with somin and eric until wee hours of morning and now my eyeballs have dieded. so bye!

ps. sorry for boring post, will improve.

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