Wednesday, September 19, 2007


my new blog readers claim it (my blog) is unintelligible what with all the singlish and the nonsense syntaxes, and that it sounds exactly like me, and that they can hear my 'voice' in their heads. thanks chew beri march, anand, luke and kinyan. it is compliment lor.

anyway. wanna know what i do in the library?


and this,

and now i have 50 pages of mdm bovary to read. harharhar.

in other news, i have a hot french TA, kinyan can make cheesecake (!?!?!?!?), i have to perform a dance in two weeks, dan is learning singlsh scarily fast, anand is siao when he is bored, my legs are freaking aching from rugby practice, and this saturday international ppl are going to eat thai food (:D:D) there is milk tea session at triple A house, followed by midautumn festival at chinese house (WITH EFFING MOONCAKES LEH. LEH.) and i am going to be psychoanalyed tmr by psych majot shuwei with the promise of free thai food again.

ok. crazy french woman who dies in the end anyway awaits. ta.

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