Thursday, September 27, 2007

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ok. quick one before i wash my stanky self and meet somin for lunch. (just had dance class where learnt HEBREW FOLK DANCE. meep. so fun. and then gym with charlotte. i think i have fumes.)

tues met rheesoo for lunch for lunch after v v long. twas nice. then studied until i attended breaking fast event at turath house (muslim house) (nat aren't you proud of me i am culturing myself.) (like bacteria.) where got damn nice yellow rice and cheeken. and mango juice. shiok, the mango. (everytime i type mango i type manho. man ho. freudian slip.) then after that had the weakest turkish coffee in the world, and my first shisha, under the mal influence of andrew. don't see what the fuss is about leh. smoke only, you want smoke just go to NUS law conference. (harharhar i crack myself up manz.)(ok la it's just cos i'm bitter cos i never get in.)

wed i studied like a bitch. but that was after talking to jerrine on msn (:D) and napping the afternoon away.

jerrine and i found out that we both drink chocolate milk 3 times every day, not cos it is fortifying shit, but cos here it is damn thick and shiok. singapore milk is WEAK, man. ok so the throbbing is still intact. loff.

and she taught me correct usage of new word! i am excited to use it! 'pengsan', meaning rolling on the floor and dying. something like that la. will be injecting it into daily conversation soon, just you wait.

then at night... in science library, suddenly got 5 half naked water polo guys in briefs run in and start singing wesleyan fight song. funny shit. is nice diversion from er, Purchasing Probability Curve, or some econ shit like that. dulan sai.

oh and i went for investment banking talk! father will be proud. but must sell soul for 2 yrs so see how first. (aiyah actually i think i alr sold my soul to the meepok uncle at heartland mall just before i came here. but that's another story.)

ok damn late come back later byebye.

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