Tuesday, September 11, 2007


god help me, but i am not, nor have ever been, homesick. missing the food and friends and ppl, yes, but never truly, desperately homesick.

today was so sian. i hate mondays. everyone was in a bad mood when i met them throughout the course of the day... nouman, andrew, luke, siyou, ting and consequently me. classes kinda sucked also. eyes rolling in head for all 3 of them. went for the shittiest dinner ever at butterfields, the school's small dining hall. then went to study at triple A house for a while, which is where i aspire to live next yr. then went to library to study again. it is like international house, everyone was there. quite nice la. let me categorize the ppl i now know from all over the world, just cos i don't feel like writing sentences anymore.

elena maria - ecuador
elena - bali
rudi - botswana
erwin - indonesia
jayvan - jamaica
so-min, soo, rhee-soo - korea
dan - romania
jonas - germany
charlotte - france
linda - nepal
siriwan - thailand
thomas - hk
mikako - japan
jegadish - malaysia
nicholas - chile

i just found out that dan and somin HAVE NOT TASTED PEANUT BUTTER BEFORE IN THEIR LIVES. dan tried peanut butter cookie and hated it. siao siao siao. if one must be a bigot, peanut butter is a good thing to be a bigot about.


ok i fell asleep last night again. sheiss. am in library now by myself sitting next to window with hot mug of tea and john mayer in my ear (no, not the man himself. that would be... interesting.) and russian book in my hand. shiok.

later have dance auditions which i will not get into cos i cannot shake my ass for shit then have econ class at 7pm -.-

my life not so exciting anymore eh, wei.

ok ok beaucoup de freaking homework. dieded.

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