Sunday, September 2, 2007


i am writing this alone in my room while the majority of the frosh class are gettin it on in various house parties around campus. i... just watched south park and am now listening to bob marley music. HOW COOL AM I, MAN.

i really cannot wait for school to start so there will be no such obligatory friend making and small talk. it is so inane i cannot take it. am exhausted. but. my hall has some interesting ppl so not so bad la. there is boy of same name as me who has brought a full blown stereo with old school records. he told me an interesting thing: if you put a needle in your mouth and scrape it on a record, you can hear the music reverberating in your head. so that's something cool.

ok dunno what i am saying alr. am exhausted but cannot sleep.

so far my days have consisted of waking up late, socializing with random faceless ppl around campus, and going to parties at night, which aren't really fun.

let me tell you how COOL i am la hor. on wed went to hang out at triple A house (asian/asian american house) after dinner and had wine on roof with other seniors which was nice and comfy. after getting a tad buzzed i felt up for some embarrassment so we went to join the rest of the school for SQUARE DANCE. jumping around field at night with sweaty ppl is quite fun, try pls thx. then after that went to psi u, some frat house for BLACKLIGHT PARTY which was sweaty and lame and broken up by Public Safety after 5 minutes. so we ran out and went back to triple A where i got all happy on norwegian vodka and i showed them the wonders of and drunk andrew kept asking us to dance so in the end 5 PPL DANCE IN SMALL ROOM TO IPOD MUSIC LA. then after that try to do pushups on floor to sober up but cannot so slept on floor. then woke up at 6am to andrew groaning 'this is fucking uncomfortable' so me and siyou ran back to our dorms cos it was so cold and stupid dew made the grass even colder. if you can beat this cool story, pls tell k thx.

ok that was damn long and boring sorry. i am trying to put off going to bathe as long as possible cos SO FREAKING COLD ZOMG. i put laptop on lap so will be warmer. lucky i not boy if not sperm all kee si liao.

today i did laundry for the first time! exciting. i am adult now.

today was kinda shitty. woke up feeling all gross and homesick. went to hang out at Nicholas' (chile) room with jayvan (jamaica), rudi (botswana) and thomas (hk) and shirin of course. then walked around until dinner. then after dinner bummed around on Foss Hill with random ppl and talked to rachel which FELT DAMN GOOD. then went to play DDR with Nouman for a while, cos i am so cool. and i am cooler cos me and siyou failed at the beginner stage. pwnage. THEN. we go chinese house again to disturb andrew and WE PLAYED SCRABBLE AND DRANK MILO LAH. then i found bottle of brands chicken essence on andrew's table so i drank it. then he said, let's blow bubbles so he went to porch and blew pineapple-scented bubbles for 5 minutes with me and shirin looking on. how to win the sexiness of my life ah. how.

last night was foss cross. i wore neighbours boxers (got whale design one. damn cute.) and lumberjack shirt. and i lent out three of my skirts. all stretch alr damn sad. pictures up soon, if i can be bothered. but a lot, and i mean A LORT of guys actually worked their dresses and leggings, man. fo sho. after that went for post party at triple A again which was kinda lame. BUT. a kind senior obtained a BOTTLE OF YEO'S SOYA MILK FOR ME WHICH I HOARDED LIKE SIAO AH MA. was damn happy for a while la.

btw, i love singaporeans like siao. last night at the post-party at triple A luke showed up and he started talking bout hokkien songs and chengyus (boh heer heh ar hoh) (no fish, prawn also can) and i was damn happy, cos whole day i slang until womit alr.

just found out hallmate has brought with him godfather 1 2 and 3, and friends season 8,9,10. is good stuff. shiokelaosai.

sorry for such a long and boring and disorganized post, but i'm kinda only doing this cos i have nothing better to do and i don't wanna stop cos i'll feel lonely :(. so, i shall focus on things that make me happy. like, school.

i got damn cool classes this sem! am gonna do descriptive astronomy, which is learning bout the planets and galaxies and stars without all that useless technical crap. then i got into 4th sem level french course, which involves a mandatory 3 hr movie screening a week :D. and i got into econ 110, which is practical and which i need for major la. AND i got the most exciting one of all: European Intellectual History to the Renaissance!!!!
Major Readings:
Marcus Aurelius, THE MEDITATIONS

SO EGGSCITING. BUT SCARY LIKE SAI. got clever seniors in the class one lor, cannot say stupid things. haha.

omg it is 2am.

ok must sleep now cos tmr must go for BILEGATA workshop (bisexual lesbian gay transsexual asexual) and then go buy books then some christian meeting then school talentime then last frat party before school starts. i am so.. tired. night.

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