Friday, September 7, 2007

i must stop updating everyday

so. today went for first dance class which was fun until laosai. had to do a lot of tumble-totty things and sprawl on the floor and jump around. and now i must perform in some 'world of dance' concert at the end of the yr. wonders never cease eh. i will come back to singapore all elegant and graceful. snort.

i drew straws to get into the class, AND I GOT IN. finally the luck gods are on my side.

tonight after dinner bummed around and sat in the school centre to study until open mic night started. i love that little performances sprout up around campus all the time. during dinner, an impromptu acappella group just started singing in the dining hall. cool beans.

shirin left early with her new Friend and when me and siyou were walking back we bumped into elusive luke who asked us go eat. (btw. luke is FUNNY SHIT. surname is pang, and email address is... pangsaipang@hotmail. HIYOH. and he... got it when he was 18. LOVE IT LA.) i spit out coffee when i saw. anyway. no bloody food so went to WesShop and he bought... hummus. siao. and buy us chocolate, cos is senior. see. why ppl so nice. i would never think of buying gifts for FOB juniors leh.

then came back to hall and hung out at neighbour's room again. was flipping through robert's chem book and i realised i really miss chem! NMR was damn fun la. oh and he read phantom tollbooth so i was damn happy. IT IS BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD READ PLS THX. and i finally grit my teeth and bonded with hallmates. who are actually quite nice la. we are going to spread a rumour that the pope is coming to wes at the end of the yr. and a surprisingly nice frat boy is gonna print posters and put around school. and save the name 'pope' in his hp. damn exciting la. Project Work.

ok tmr have one hour of classes. what the hell shall i do with myself.

- - - - - -

that was written yesterday cos i geniusly forgot to click publish post. anyway. let us laboriously recount my day again.

i just spent... 6 hours at freaking chinese house. like addict la haha. while everyone was out looking for haps (new word. courtesy of luke.) parties arond campus, me shirin and siyou were sweating over pineapple tarts in hot kitchen with luke andrew and shuwei. so cool right. cannot take it la. cannot. (and luke provided much hokkien relief. jerrine he know same song as you. the ai pia one. shiok.)

but damn fun. the tarts not bad lor. but my hands smell of butter now. i want to eat them.

so-min came by, shirin left with Friend, and we went to andrew's room and did absolutely nothing until 3am. i am not kidding when i say that the time-wasting skills i learnt in jc pale in comparison to what i am doing now. but quite nice la, in a talk with eyes half closed sort of way.

oh. btw, andrew is going to show me a black church sometime in the near future. EXCITE. nat i must tell you all about it after i go ok ok ok omg. so exciting.

before that i had a very unproductive day. class ended at 10.50am, so after lunch i came back to room to indulge my antisocial tendencies for a while, went to meet rhee soo and so-min in their room and had some... GIRL TALK. so-min may be coming to singapore in winter to visit and she may stay with me! so excite. can show korean girls singaporean bi bim bap. funny shit.

then went to foss hill where was joined by thomas and erwin again for some absolutely unproductive time-wasting. i now know that nyen tot is a very bad word in indonesia. pls don't say. consperm lynched one. went for dinner, then after that was surprise party for cara in her dorm lounge which has a freaking foosball table and at which i was at for most of the time i was there.

tmr night got chinese house tea party then some international party after that, themed ANGELS AND DEMONS. so irritating zomg. supposed to wear red and/or white. i will look like flag.

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