Wednesday, September 12, 2007


i apologize for the ensuing emo post.

12.33am and i feel lonely. it is interesting (and a little stupid) that the more lonely i feel, the more i detach myself from everyone else. i don't feel like talking to anyone so i just... wallow.


tmr got fucking many classes and i never do my readings so am kinda screwed.

omg so lonely. i am feeling the one-ness very strongly now.

i am surrounded by people i cannot say anything to. :(

god shouldn't have invented the night.

was speaking to charlotte in french just now and it felt nice cos she will make damn good french teacher but then she went to sleep so was alone again.

oh. but senior suddenly sent me bill nye the science guy video and that cheered me up a smidgen. i freaking LOVE bill nye la. watched it religiously in pri sch, followed by mandatory session of teletubbies. 5.30-6.30pm on mons to fris was my happy place.

god i am so cool. ok goodnight.

i particularly miss christine, nat, sk and naomin now. :(

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