Thursday, September 6, 2007

cos i don't wanna read astronomy.

school is such a relief. i love the way everyone now has a purpose and walks around campus so much less aimlessly, and how there is no more pressure to have THE MOST FUN TIME OF YOUR LIFE like during orientation, and how i can walk around campus at night and see solitary ppl reading in their rooms, and how MY BRAIN IS BEING UTILIZED AGAIN. shiokelaosai. i never wanna leave school.

it is so fun walking around school alone and speaking to random ppl for only 2 min before it gets kinda awkward again but now that i DO have somewhere to go, i can excuse myself! it feels... so good.

my astro class is kinda boring, but we get to have night time observations, which are chao cool.
i have my first dance class tmr. hum like siao but this kind of thing must do here la hor.
russian lit class full of angmohs but damn interesting cos professor is insane and speaks without punctuation and has flyaway hair and rides ard school on a bike.
econ is blah.
oh and french damn fun! must watch french film at least once a week LEH.

ok this post damn boring again.

today was damn boring after classes again. went to study on foss hill with dan from romania and shirin from singapore and didn't get much done cos of hippie men singing next to us. then to dinner and then to chinese house again! we are now the sluts from singapore who hang out at singaporean senior's house all the time.

yesterday was a lesson in How To Treat People. an upperclassman that siyou randomly met during the square dance (don't ask) suddenly called her and invited her to dinner at her apartment and asked her to bring along friends.

so we went to her house and she and her 2 roommates, whom we have never seen before, just cooked dinner for us and talked to us small frosh very nicely! one of them is jewish, so got damn nice sweet bread. no drugs or money or sexual favours involved leh! the world where got this kind of thing one? i am... flabbergasted. i don't even smile at hallmates lor, invite strangers to my house for WHAT.

but damn nice la. my heart was warm.

one of them told us story that (apparently) epitomizes the school.
when she was pre-frosh and visiting the school, she say two guys decked out in rock-climbing gear, helmets and harnesses and all climbing a tree in the middle of nowhere. then she asked them why they climbing the tree and they said... 'cos we couldn't find a rock.'

damn funny la. is a damn good answer lor.

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