Tuesday, September 4, 2007

must sleep early tonight

my hallmates are talking outside and making conversation and i am sitting here being antisocial. sian leh.

recap of day again cos i dunno what else to say.
woke up late, met shirin jayvan thomas rudi elena at main street, came back with shirin and hung out at hansel's room for a while.

let me sidetrack here for a while. hansel is INSANE. he is... god la. he takes 7 credits per semester, has a student leader position, produces plays and theatre productions, is in 2 acappella groups, completed a POST GRAD PAPER IN FRESHMAN YR, and has published 4 papers. WTF. i... scared la. my inferior, low-grade brain is quaking.

anyway. was tired out from all his energy so went back to room to take a nap, and nice hallmate robert made smoothie for me. how he get blender, i do not know. met siyou for all-campus picnic at foss hill, and was joined by nicholas and nouman.

siyou: eh, down here a lot of jews ah.


after pleasant dinner, went to watch acappella groups perform. they are DAMN GOOD. got goosebumps one. i wanna join lor but i hum like siao and my voice er, is dried duck voice la so. cannort.

then went to watch some fire-spinning performance, then went to erwin's room (which is bloody air-conditioned) with shirin siyou rudi jayvan thomas where we had the most confusing and lousy games of bridge ever known to man.

apparently in botswana, bridge is played with pre-determined partners who are seated diagonally across from each other. and the winner of the bid shows everyone his cards and becomes a dummy. i.. dunch unnerstand.

me: ok let's play singapore way.rudi won bid so pls choose your partner.
rudi: *points at siyou* I CHOOSE YOU.


and thomas was grooving to trance music in the background. siao la. he is from hk so he knows how to play chor dai dee but no one else knows so... cannot play :(

i need to teach ppl how to play chee goo pak.

then came back and sat in andrew/robert's room for a while watching friends. <3 friends like siao. is blast from home, can hear rachel's voice imitating chandler and jerrine's monica laugh.

ok i need to sleep now cos tmr got 8 hours of school. madness.

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