Sunday, September 16, 2007


nothing to say again leh. had a damn boring week. try to study and try to study but... cannot. i spend all my time in the library er, talking to other ppl. which is damn loser and disgusting. ppl go frat house to meet ppl but i go... science library. i am PRC alr lor. dammit. shouldn't have laughed at all of them in singapore, it is karma.

i got SO MUCH bloody homework but... the inertia is killing me zomg. yesterday was the students activities fair during which i signed up for like a million useless things, including the knitting club and er, western indian dance troupe and er, kung fu club. SIAO. after that was supposed to go to some french fondue thing but i took a freaking nap instead then woke up to watch a dance concert which i am supposed to freaking critique. DUNNO HOW. ppl running around on stage represent the decades of suffering of the african-american ppl IZZIT. i think.. will fail my dance course :(

also, i am a philistine. throughout the captivating world premiere of this extraordinary dance concert, my eyes were again, rolling to the back of my head. i hate my eyes.

anyway, after that went to check out the wes christian fellowship thing for a while, but ended up just eating the snacks. melina then said there was a trance party at the Buddhist House so me shirin siyou jay thomas melina elena trekked over there in the miserable rain, only to find that fucking psafe broke up the party again.

btw, i hope that the ironical aptness of having a TRANCE party at BUDDHIST house doesn't escape you, oh esteemed reader.

so. went back to campus centre where i bought a pear on impulse (ok this is becoming micro-blog alr soz.) then to thomas' house, then decided to go to chinese house cos well, it is natural progression la hor.

andrew was attempting to bake his first carrot cake so we helped, with vernie and nouman looking on placidly. the cake kinda wasn't a success, but it er, smelt good once all the carbon was scraped off. that's all i can say bout it cos i am boring even myself. my fingers going on strike soon.

after a while everyone left in search of more haps parties so me and siyou stayed back until... 5 BLOODY AM. again, doing absolutely NOTHING. oh but we taught andrew how to play icy tower, the most awesome game in the universe. i remember how i would sweat with joy whenever i reached the wooden platforms (level 200). ok i am so disgusting. yuks.

at around 4.50am, wallowing in our friendlessness and the general suckiness of the world -
andrew: you know what would really be depressing. when it starts to get light out.

aiyoh. is really depressing until can cry. so i went back to room.

haha today was supposed to go quarry, picnic, laser tag, senior's housewarming party, blades of glory movie, but I NEVER DO ANYTHING. I WOKE UP AT 1PM THEN WENT SHOPPING WITH SHIRIN AND SIYOU. HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS LIDDIS HOW.

ok later we will go out in search of party cos that's expected behaviour. whoo. ok must go read pushkin now. ta.

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