Saturday, September 29, 2007


ok let us list again.
clubs i am in:
water polo women's team
singsoc (mmmph. everytime i type, i laugh.)
wesleyan without borders
wes entrepreneurs
and tennis club, if it ever starts up, the bitch.

ok. sufficient things to do to make me not wanna kill myself in the little rural spot of suburbia that is middletown.

oh, and 'one world' concert at the end of the yr! harhar. hengkelaosai no one from home can see me la. will swear all the singaporeans here to secrecy, cos i am president.

next sem i intend to participate in at least one dance concert/play/musical. 50k, must SQUEEEZE out every ounce of er, personal betterment from the school la. am i corright.

fri had french test on tintin and asterix (siao ok. test me on the plot of comic. never read summore, cos i clever clever go and say 'aiyah the teacher won't test plot one la!' but then... Funny Life likes to poke fun at stupid gehkiang mortals comme moi.)

rushed out econ problem set again, then horseriding. today i trotted: sitting trot, double position trot and standing trot. sho exciting. my instructor, a sophomore, say i good :D. i am good with them beasts man. woo.

today my horse farted when i was bending down behind him to pick his hooves. is the long slow fart lor. LIFE HOR, LIFE.

ok then went back to sch for job interview to be lab technician which i will not get cos i suck and am a noob, then had singaporean dinner at sichuan tokyo with freaking nice chinese food la. GOT MY EGGPLANT. heeheehee. the whole dinner i kept looking at the food and smiling cos er, i was happy at all the food. heng no one notice k hahaha.

so among others, had curry fried beef, strangely flavoured chicken (that was its name in the menu), EGGPLANTEGGPLANTEGGPLANT, tofu, kungpow chicken and aiyah i lazy type la. i ate EVERYTHING in front of me again so by the end of the dinner i was gorged and half-dead. siyou also. damn disgusting. the self-control faculty in us is... lousy. ok so is my descriptive faculty, sorry.

as is typical in singaporean dinner conversation topics were - laosai, saying unnecessary but funny until shit things bout other singaporeans, food, and other races. harhar. so... intellektual. i love it.

SO. this means that the first SINGSOC MEETING WAS NOT A FAILURE. lemme list again so i can make myself happy: siyou shirin ivan vernie me luke andrew ting shuwei tx keith. not that bad la hor.

then after dinner went bowling with siyou tx luke ruby roberta anand shuwei and yinhow. nyeheh. i didn't get one digit score manz. so happy. (got two strikes LEH. ok no one cares.)

sat I WENT WOODBURY TO SHOP. go with luke andrew siyou tx again. wah lau. it is the duaest liap mall in the world, i swear. i walk until alr still cannot walk finish. but i bought 3 tops and ck cap and damn nice knee-high aldo boots which cost... too much so i shall not think bout it. it is so asspensi that i have to wear everyday alr. i shall wear with... fbt shorts and rj shirt la. WILL BE OSTRACIZED AND SENT TO PRISON, I THINK.

on the way, stopped for breakfast where for some reason we talked about blood donation.
luke: i hugged the bag of blood to my chest. damn warm, damn nice.


came back in time for chusok, but i missed the food cos i stupidly went to my room first, then went to erwin's room to watch movie, but i slept on bed cos i had like, 8 hrs of sleep in the past 56 hours. so loser.

oh and i got the job! as lab technician! HAHAHAHA. the world will assplode. i am PRC alr. damn funny. ok now must write poem about feelings in dance class.

(tx took same class in his frosh yr.
teacher: so, after this exercise, how do you feel?
tx: i feel... like i'm in a class.


tx: wesleyan is the equivalent of vs and chungcheng high school in singapore. ppl never really hear before, but know it is not bad la.
me: harh?! :(:( my father pay 50k so i can go chungcheng! aren't we at least dunman standard?
tx: dunman sec la. dunman high too good alr.

:(:(:( pangsai.

today went to korean church. asian church damn different from black church. also damn different from white church. so interesting. when ppl supposed to greet each other, the ppl in the black church go all around and hug each other. in the korean church, everyone stay in their seats and... wave. HAHAHA. i love it. azn pride sia.

after that got free korean food! (ok it says a lot about me that i am talking about the food instead of the contents of the sermon but... whatever la. society sucks.) andrew and tx both PAISEI so i must go and queue up first and ask for food KAY. wahlau.

ppl thought i was korean, cos surname lee. then korean man speak to me in korean then i just nod and 'hurhurhur'. wahlau. the social skills curl up and die alr la.

ok must go dance meeting now. byebye.

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