Sunday, September 23, 2007


ok very long and indulgent post ahead. don't need to read one.

thurs night was very stressfully spent in the library trying to finish stupid econs problem set #1. was thwarted by the impromptu birthday thing for thomas in the library (the coolness just cannot be beat la) and so i didn't finish it. sucks.

fri was busy-until-vomit day. it all started with french class, after which had to finish the bastard problem set then rush out a puny resume and apply for IMS job which i will not get cos i am a freaking computer noob and eat lunch, all in 1hr. then had to rush back to room to change then rush all the way to the opposite end of the school to meet equestrian ppl who drove us to the stables FOR MY FIRST HORSERIDING LESSON. FUN SHIT OK. i feel like mallory towers girl. am gonna get the jodphurs and crop and helmet and become attas british shit who says things like 'you cad' and 'the queen is coming to tea'. omg the wit. sorry.

the horse i rode was called yeller. damn dua bui (fat), sit on top is like sitting on couch ok. i tried trotting, and must use thighs to squeeze horse one. damn pain sia. by end of the semester will have thighs of steel. WIN IGALLOP. take that, jacelyn tay. anyway. they say by end of first semester if you're good enough can participate in horse show. EXCITING UNTIL LAOSAI OK ZOMG.

then after lesson came back to school, shirin called to tell me bout kickboxing so i went, smelling like horseshit. wah lau. the kicking after the thigh squeezing... wasn't very good for me la hor. but anyway, after that rushed to anand's quaint little dwelling for dinner with him, vernie and siyou. HE COOKED. MUSHROOM OMELETTE. THAI RICE. CHICKEN CURRY. AND SAMBAL KANGKONG. warraoz was transported to my happy place again. ate like a bitch.

let me digress here in an attempt to describe my happy place: the rice steaming steaming one, then put curry on top so the rice become soggysoggy and mushy then eat damn big mouthful then put piece of egg in mouth so everything becomes a delightful mix. (evidently, grammar doesn't exist in my happy place.)

talked for quite a while and discovered anand's havoc past, then i had to rush back to room to shower then rush to the last half an hour of Wes Christian Fellowship which was well, quiet. then after that went to thomas' dwelling to surprise him again on his birthday and steal one (or two) cookies. then went to lyn-nee's house for dessert party WITH DAMN A LOT OF FREAKING DESSERTS. happy place #2 - chocolate mush, strawberry fondue, banana cake, carrot cake, fruit punch, scones, oreo mudpie, and cookies. is like.. candy mountain. (pls google. nyeheheheh.) after that went to tianxiang's house for his housemate's birthday party and got bloody bloody drunk then police come again so had to leave from the back and went to some other korean senior's birthday party (which was full of asians again. shiok. azn pride eh, sk.) where i was still bloody drunk and stupid and i shall not attempt to remember anything cos my powers of denial are very... powerful. if captain planet needed a new power, i can donate mine. can get rid of the useless 'Heart' guy. harhar.

then stumbled back to dorm with siyou's help (fanks chew beri march horx) and entertained half my hall for an hour with my drunken ramblings. i think i let slip that in order to get gum in singapore, one must perform sexual favours. and insulted a frat boy by stereotyping him. and for some reason, i am now known as 'nigel'. siao. then had nice long chat with roomie before kinda passing away at 5am.

today woke up late again and went to library to attempt to study but the gods are against me, in the form of a depressed rudi who just sprained his ankle. placated him for a while, then decided to go to dinner with siyou cos our meals haven't been used up this week, cb. then we went to triple A's sweet tea buffet thing for a while, where elusive hansel deigned to make his first appearance in like, 2 yrs. had a weird conversation with monoboy about er,, dodged phototaking girls, then went to shuwei's house for dinner with siyou luke tianxiang. she cook beef sukiyaki. got tofu and mushrooms and jap rice. my... saliva run out to play la. seniors nice until can die lor. cannot take it. then went to chinese house to grab a couple of mooncakes (:D:D:D). everyone was there... dancing to 'wannabe' when i arrived. aiyoh. if like, berkeley ppl see us ah, will laugh until backside pain.

then i went to tianxiang's house for a while to play some xbox 360 (and drink soya milk.) with him and shuwei. shiok la. cannot drive in real life cos i v cleverly fail ftt so i drove vicariously through... carbon car 3000. or some action name liddat. dunch care.

then went back to triple a house for someone's surprise birthday (which i almost gave away cos my mouth is a naughty bitch) and got a tad high and then luke put his ipod on AND WE (MEANING ME SIYOU LUKE ANDREW AND RUBY, WHO IS FROM HK) SING ALONG VERY TUNELESSLY TO AIPIAJIAEHYA. IS HOKKIEN SONG. MUST WEAR WHITE BOOTS AND WHITE EYELINER AND SEQUIN DRESS ONE. then er, sing until face red and vein come out. i think we chased away some ppl but whatever la. CULTURE IMMERSION, yo! aiyoh happy until can cry ok. hokkien... is beautiful. is like poetry.

after that erwin invited us back to his place again for INDOMEE so of course follow la. me shirin dan erwin max jay elena nicholas went over and after satiated with msg noodles erwin max and jay started their jamaicapella again - to bob marley. so. an american, a jamaican and an indonesian singing along to 'no woman no cry' with a romanian doing a plie in the background and two singaporean and one ecuadorean groupies at 3 in the morning is... quite surreal experience la. shiok. summore all got onion breath cos of the fried shallots... damn tak glam manz.

and now i have to go sleep cos it is 4am and must wake up for church in the morning (to absolve weekend sins sia.) and must study like siao tmr cos i am so so fucking behind in my work zomg. nitezzzzz.

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