Monday, September 3, 2007

cannot sleep again

this morning i called christine in singapore. SHIOK. talk for a while only cos phone bill is monster, but very very happy.

i loff you christine!

today was... neh again.
woke up at 10,
called home,
was bombarded with questions,
went for brunch with roommate,
ate until laosai,
went for useless BILEGATA workshop where many politically correct things were discussed in an open and secure environment that was non-threatening and encouraging,
went to buy many many books for school (v v exciting, that one),
went for dinner where me shirin and siyou regaled some other international students with loser stories uttered completely in singlish (if wanna know story, ask me.),
went back to my room to waste our lives,
sat in sam's room with another sam listening to old school records for a while,
watched star wars for 5 min in robert's room before i got bored of the disgusting ancient special effects,
drove to new haven and back with luke and andrew to fetch anand,
went back to luke's abode to eat SIEW YOKE AND CHAR SIEW AND ROAST DUCK ANAND BROUGHT BACK FROM NY, (this is highlight of day, btw.)
went to andrew's abode to wash down the animal oil with processed sugar in the form of B&Js Chunky Monkey and chinese tea,
came back to find hallmates standing listlessly in the hall then trooped down to alex's room (i can't even remember his face now) to watch almost famous and where i smelt pot for the first time in life cos two boys were DOIN HITS. damn smelly la omg smell like rotten cigarettes.

so that was my blah day. tmr, another blah day of no new friends.

school starts on tues! excite!

i must now describe the happiness that fills me when i bite into the oil-oozing morsel of roast duck meat. actually, cannot describe la. is indescribable. suffice to say, i shiok until fainted.

ok 4.13 am alr i tired until eyeballs roll back to back of head until can see brain. dunno what i just typed. ok night and sorry for boring post again. i am bored and thus boring.

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