Wednesday, August 29, 2007


contrary to rachel's comment bout having too much to blog about being the reason no one blogs, i have nothing to say.

no significant new friends made, except for singaporeans who well, are an expected but welcome breath of home, school is nice and green, haven't met any professors yet, blahblahblah.

BUT I AM SO BLOODY SICK OF POLITE CONVERSATION. it strips me of personality. and energy. my friends have also stopped blogging so it is one other medium of communication yanked away from me. i am... sad.

frat party last night was so lame i cannot stress how lame it was. IS STANDING AROUND IN SILENCE IN A CIRCLE WITH CAN OF FLAT BEER IN ONE HAND AND A BASEBALL BAT IN THE OTHER FUN? IS IT? ok if anyone reads this i die but i have no new friends anyway so, whatever.

and the rest of my friends in the US, ie Rachel and Jerrine, are sad too. so i am also sad by induction.


had brief msn conversation with nat and sk just now. IS BREATH OF FRESH AIR LIKE SIAO. IS MOUNTAIN AIR OK. we talked about furry cups and flesh lettuce (ta, sk) and how sk is SO a frat girl and i was happy for a bit. but then i went and locked myself on the balcony so life sucked again.


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