Thursday, August 9, 2007


national day. woohoo. i spent the parade... on the bus. but i am wearing red today. i only noticed after i left the house... then i said 'uh-oh...' but too late to change.

yesterday was gym in the morning cos i am lardball but then i went to carousel with my homies (haha) and it all went to shit, cos the BUFFET IS BLARDY GOOD LA ZOMG. THANKS NAT. this is becoming food blog, btw. all i do is eat when i go out. eat and eat and EAT AND EAT AND EAT. (my i am going slightly bug-eyed as i type this, so i shall stop.) got dimsum and laksa and brownies and sashimi and chicken wings and pineapple rice and rock melon and cabbage roll... haha ok that last item is anti-climax BUT STILL GOOT LA K.

oh and i spread the news (this puts the 'ew' in 'news') about a certain ex-208-mate who, i just found out, harbours a non-platonic feeling for a certain other female in a different class. let me just say, ebony and ivory. (if dunno pls sms me i will be glad to explain.)

after that went to borders with them and sk (for the first time!) almost ALMOST made me cry cos she said in a small voice 'sam i very sad!'. ok i almost have tear again. not good. but there we saw ads;lfhauit cute monster notebooks which we are going to buy and exchange for farewell gifts. thank yous very much.

btw, me and sk have regressed. we both love er, roxy and ripcurl again. shoot us. oh btw, pls visit club21 at panpac plaza. it caters to sasquatch, i swear. just go and see thanks. will die.

after that i went home and panic for a while about packing then i went to eat (see!) prata again with neighbour cos i was stressed.

today met bitris felicai and smelissai at hongkong kim gary restaurant (shit we forgot to ask what is kim gary!) and ate food that will make me die at the age of 98 instead of 100. is rice smothered in cream, cheese, bolognaise and pork (gurgh. vomit again.), and msg-laden wanton soup, and fried bread smothered in peanut butter and condensed milk. i think... i should have to go on The Biggest Loser very soon la.

OH THEN WE TALK BOUT CLASS HOOKUPS HAHAHA. ok not hookups la and if anyone from 2S06C reads this, THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH IS A COMPLETE LIE. here are the almost-class-couples of 05-06 (notice how i am blissfully uninvolved in any)(i shall disguise names. attempt to la, in an approximation of politeness.): melly jayz, evon king, mfa pear, whiteknight dollgirl. (if dunno who, sms me again i will be glad to explain.)

so... many... hormones... cannot... take... it...

anyway after that i left to meet mr wong at island creamery where he treat me to... 1 dollar icecream. THANKS DUDE. i stupidly agreed to a dare to wear a gown and silk gloves to the farewell bbq next week... at my house. shit. i must run away.

after that i went to felicia's house (FINALLY. and people, she does not live in a hole in the ground.) with melissa to ogle at her insane pets. her hamster... looks like professor flitwick, i swear. and her bird... looks like bellatrix. scared.

now i am home and bored again and i just baked carrot cake but i think it will suck cos i HAVE NO FREAKING BAKING SODA. its for the thingy at my house tmr, where we will have chompchomp food in the backyard with carrot cake and tea and baileys and mangos and so much fun.

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