Sunday, August 12, 2007

last days

dangnabbit. one more week :(.

fri everyone (meaning shirin joy rachel christine simon luke and later adeline) came my house and i had to make 5 FREAKING TRIPS to the bus stop outside my house to fetch everyone in, as the 'hostess with the mostest'. but night was good! i made my er, trademark carrot cake complete with fugly green icing decorations and we sat around attas glass table and drank tea out of attas teacups poured out of attas teapot. we are high crass. evening went to buy chompchomp smorgasbord of singapore food (rojak hokkien mee lala stingray fish soup ohluak satay chicken wings caitaukway) and sat in backyard patio with donna summers-esque music blasting in background and nemo prancing around acting cute and getting muchos attention.

bringing out food from kitchen i snapped a mental picture (like insane alec baldwin in friends. click!) of 7 happy people sitting around crowded small round table piled high with food and tinkling with laughter. the heart... became warm like an oven, yo. (that is a justin timberlake song lyric. I SWEAR.)

after food had fruits and baileys/milo.
this is simon drinking 17% liquor content beverage: *sip*ARGHEMARGHEM*sip*ARGHEMARGHEM*sip*ARGHEMARGHEM.

aiyoh. so smooth la. hahaha.

rachel left early with the boizZzZ to meet gaymen so me christine adeline met abel at serangoon for icecream then came home slept with christine on the same bed facing opposite directions. mother was amused in the morning.

saturday went for breakfast with isolated pre u sem friend eric at ps cafe, who is certifiably insane(ly earnest) hahaha. had a good chat over SHIOK BREAKFAST. came home and slept whole afternoon away cos christine tired me out so much the night before. NO NEIGENEIGE HOR PLS DUNCH LET YOUR BRAIN GO THERE.

newaes. at night cell at olivia's house, where we had well, good clean fun. i invented game where must sing song while chewing on grapes and not choking on the juice or spitting it out. it's challenging. try.

today spent the whole day with family, which felt good. oh but i blew 170 bucks on 5 items at river island!!!! jeans included! happy like sai! dimsum feast at carlton hotel made me v v happy. then dinner i made father bring me to toa payoh to eat best ohluak in singapore. now got oil in oesophagus though it no feel good.

nyeheheh just now in car father told us story.
"there once was this guy who sold the damn best hokkien mee in singapore. i can hoot until finish myself. then one day he stopped selling. this was because he stood in front of the fire so long that his balls... dried up. i call him dalampar. heeheehee."
(yes the heeheehee was uttered. really.) aiyoh. HOW TO NOT SAY THINGS LIKE THESE FOR 4 MONTHS HUH HUH HUH . (anyway dalampar is dry testicles hor.)

nat's blog makes me v happy also. she made southpark character after me!
fanks nat i lub choo many many too!
er, the drool and food are self-explanatory la hor. am yellow, have eyeslits, and am wearing office clothes. AIYOH <3<3<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

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