Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Why must spore life (nyeheheh. i always laugh when i type spore.) become so bloody nice just when i are leaving? ok its COS i am leaving but, still muh.

yesterday was very boringly spent buying stationary at popular. oh but then i got this FARKING nice pair of plaid glasses that i CANNOT wait to collect. ok no one cares.

today was <3. ok but first i went to this disgusting make up lesson with mother and the make up lady whom i think hates me made me look like wayang corpse bride. wa... mm zhai la. (i... dunno in hokkien. god my dialect so goot.) then she sent me out into public so i practically ran all the way to vivo where blissfully unmadeup christine rachel luke and simon were sitting.


so. i went to toilet and scratched off my scarlet woman paint. :( i destined not to wear makeup la hor. prom pHOtos also look like sai. BECOME BOY LAH BECOME BOY.

after checking out numerous nubile men on facebook/friendster rachel said 'shall we make a move?' and we left. i hate the 'shall we make a move'. rachel pls dunch tok like gic peepers now lehz thankchews.

THEN WE GO EAT A;OIRDFKL NICE FISH SOUP AT HOLLAND V. christine was terrified to tears by secret peeking cat again so luke very cleverly made up ploy.

luke: (sees cat in corner) christine! here's your tissue!
rachel (notices cat, looks at luke)
luke: (momentary panic) ah christine, sorry i wiped my nose on the tissue
luke: dunch worry la, is just excess tears that seep into the nose.
simon: hahaha. nonsense. then shit is what.
me: ...excess food lor.
all:(general incoherence)
cat: (slinks away unnoticed.)

so crever, this luke. must crap crap.

after that went to essential brews again where time passed unnoticed, like the cat but much more pleasant. i would like to say conversation flowed on topics like religion, world peace, darfur and future ambitions and dreams, but, it didn't. and that's all i can say bout that.

oh we did this, though:
always so beeyootiful.

oh, i should add that i missed some wes gathering again tonight to meet fiends. THE ANTISOCIALISM STARTS.

and tmr i have tea at carousel with nat naomin sk! sho eggsciting. they are going to make photo scrapbook for me again LOFF VERY MUCH HEART WARM WARM.

good tahms, man. good tahms.

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