Saturday, August 18, 2007


Mon, 20 Aug 2007 Singapore Airlines, SQ26 - BOEING 747-400
From: Singapore -0 Changi Intl Airport
Via: Frankfurt
Departure Terminal: Terminal 2
Departure Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007
Departure Time: 23:50
Journey Time: 21 Hrs (0.o)

It's real. I'm finally scared and happy. Yay.

methinks i blog a leetle too much. but well, there are always better things to do than pack.

i just had my last bowl of teochew meepok at heartland mall. cannot get anymore... heartland than that la hor. it was bloody good. i jia-ed meatballs and it was oily and hot and shiok. my saliva come out again shit. now i am waiting for father to come home with RAFFLES HOTEL COGNAC TRUFFLE SNOWSKIN MOONCAKES ZOMG.

why so inconsequential one my blog why.

so after 7 months of pure sloth, half-hearted ambition, carelessly-laid plans, wasted opportunities and uncertain anticipation, i have come to the conclusion that... i am not a creature of reflection. so, i shall list!

What I Have Done In The Free-est, Most Carefree Months I Will Ever Have In My Entire Life In No Order Of Importance:
- Phuket with Nat Nao Sk!
- Hellish stint at DBS where my only friend was Karen Chen and Ashlyn Chee and for that i must kowtow to both of you
- One month working at er, church for er, free as an er, coolie.
- Not getting into any US schools in the beginning and getting into all my Uk schools
- Applying for scholarships late
- not gettting any scholarships
- feeling bloody worthless
- getting into Wesleyan!!!
- joining Amore! and learning hiphop, the BACHADA AND LAMBADA, and kickboxing
- holiday with family to Japan where ate sashimi until assploded happily.
- visited father in China
- one month stint at SPH which was considerably more fun than DBShit.
- eatingeatingeating
- turning up for cell more... regularly than before
- using up a lot of my first paychecks
- go crubbing for first time in life harhar
- meeting new fiends courtesy of the Krabi Tourism Board
- going out with comfort friends, sitting at cafes for indefinite periods, and just wasting time and saliva and breath very very happily

omg the list makes me sound like an unaccomplished, hedonistic, lazy sonofagun. which i am, but in retrospect, tis not very goot eh. nehmind shall spend the next 4 yrs making up for it.

actually these few months have allowed me time to breathe, to find myself in a context outside the personality-defining mould of school, and to come to terms - well, kinda - with what it is i am in 'real life'. i expect the next few years to yield a lot of growing up, which is what christine is doing and what i very badly need. circumstances, or lack thereof, have not exactly encouraged me on my path to self-discovery.

the above was written in afternoon, before i got sidetracked by MOONCAKE BEARING FATHER. (ee like man pregnant with mooncakes. *nnnnh*... then baby mooncake pop out. omg. vomit.)

ok anyway. yesterday no badminton cos was raining like a biatch and had to run many stupid errands in the morning :(. after mother was satisfied, went to ps cafe with rachel christine luke simon joy shirin adeline in the afternoon where we weren't allowed to eat proper food and were chased out at 5.30 cos staff had to eat, wth. trickled to luke's house where we laughed at his young foetoes, fell in love with his kahpuang (eh i really love the kahpuang la. it's like the one i had when i was a kid, except it grew up too!), screamed at Cola's halitosis (cola is dog, ppl. we not freaks.), and watched kylie and madonna do their thang. then went to lido with luke simon christine adeline for bourne ulimatum and pastamania (oilmania, as we so wittily dubbed it cos THE PASTA IS OIL.).

simon got new yo momma joke, but can only be said to fat person: yo momma so fat... wait, you're already fat!


christine: wah. jason bourne is a spoof on james bond right. so clever.

BIMZ. scold me for abc dj summore. hahaha.

today was bbq at mah house for cell ppl, whom i shall list for listing's sake cos i am bored. ok, here goes: me samq shuying meiling olivia michelle joanne avelyn shuzhen maria jo-an chris ianchew iankoh josia edwin joash yongbin weijie. again, i ate until must lie down on floor and breathe, if not will dieded. for 3 hours, my mouth was never devoid of matter, once. WAHRAO AM MONSTER LA.

i learnt how to suck prawn heads today, from uncles josia and edwin. one day, we will fulfil our ambition of sitting at coffeeshop at midnight with huge basket of seahaam and 2 jugs of beer in front of us while watching soccer and slapping the 50-yr-old pijiu meis (shirin, pijiu mei is beer woman hor.) on their rotund bums. consperm consperm. throughout the night, singlish flowed fast and free. shiokness. common vocab included: consperm assplode spankyou fankyou wahliewz alamak etcetc.

so many ppl zomg.

btw, i am now known as... spermantha lee. don't ask.

ok i just caught a whiff of myself and i am oilmania also. must go bathe. baibai.

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