Sunday, August 5, 2007

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i only blog when i'm bored and then i have nothing to say but now when i'm busy i have no time to blog so the entire week of events... will not be documented. so i will document it now and you can skip the next few paragraphs cos they are actually not paragraphs, they are a list.

mon - second last day of work and tennis

tues - last day of work! interviewed owner of churrascaria who is going to invite me to food tasting session of his new restaurant. EXCITE. I AM GOING TO BECOME ANTHONY BOURDAIN. then free lunch at menotti and freaking nice dessert which only i ate cos everyone else... was polite. then met neighbour at night again for teh tarik. i shouted at a random indian guy walking past my table for the bill but he ignored me then i turned around and realised he came from a table of indian friends and was not... a waiter. then they all looked at me and i was scared. i think there exists a racism gene and i have a million.

wed - mhotel with friends!!!!! rachel's farewell thang which was very well attended - me rachel jerrine joy shirin christine and new additions luke and simon. twas v v fun. hotel room very big so had a lot of jumping on bed somersaulting on bed trying to sleep in bed doing yoga on floor being pretzels on floor walking on knees on floor until have carpet burns. but halfway through also got grandfather (who is victoria beckham at heart) in robe and socks who visited.

then went to mambo at night where got gross men on podium doing STUPID actions but trying to look very cool with SEI expressions on face. so irritating i want to scratch them. christine's cousin (who is very nice, in case you are reading this) bought me and jerrine a flaming samosa (curry puff leh. the name is... siao) which kinda killed me. but interesting la.

post mambo at crazy indian man's coffeeshop.

thurs - me christine jerrine rachel went to eat lunch at anonymous hawker centre after checking out cos we craved damn nice singapore food. i love me some grease, man. it is good invention. then go home and sleep and met charmaine and jasmine at night to initiate charmaine into the world of alcohol at barfly. success. this is the inebriation that was induced:

we should have been shot at birth, you know.

fri - raffles the plaza with naomin nat sk! and tea at menotti again where we had a lot of fun laughing at naomin's lousy tiramisu and my insane cake-with-a-hat. then go back to hotel room and gossip about weird pariah girls and ppl who have a lot of sex. <3<3 at night went to st james, which is not as nice as zouk, i think. but movida v v nahce cos got nice latin music and nice latin singer man. i think the best thing bout the place was the hotdog stand outside that sold damn nice hotdog but for extortionate price of 5 freaking bucks. BUT THE SAUSAGE. i want to have its babies la. ok that was damn gross pls forget i said that. yuks.

(ok i just read nat's blog and she does a DAMN good job of documenting long nights bloody funnily so i shall just post her link here and you can read if you are so inclined. ->

sat - checked out had breakfast at yakun then went home and slept and went to cell at night. apparently i am a role model for 'being farnie' and 'nonsense'. oh well. always la, hor. is destiny. then rushed to meet jerrine cos her last night in singapore then went to watch simpsons (spiderpig, spiderpig). after that i joined her ENTIRE family (complete with sisters' boyfriends) for supper at pan pac lounge. i... am significant other alr la. then got surprise birthday cake for jerrine and i... was in the picture. so disgusting so disgusting. if mother knew ah. cannot go wesbian school alr ok. WILL BE EXORCISED.

ok. now it is 3 am and i have to see jerrine and jasmine off at airpost tmr so i have to rest now if not the emotional stress will make me assplode. tata and soz for the boring list.

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