Sunday, July 29, 2007

cockles of heart

i love the phrase 'warm the cockles of my heart'; i do not know WHERE the hell it comes from. why are there haams in one's... muscular valve? why is warming, ie, cooking, them, akin to a fuzzy, lovelove feeling? mystery leh.

anyway. heart cockles were sufficiently warmed over past two days. fri night went to naomin's house, which was predictably and happily uneventful. we sat on sofa and talked (about disgusting ppl who sex a lot), went to her room and talked, then went back to sofa and talked. but naomin got distracted halfway by er, ghost whisperer season 2 (yes, the one with the pear-shaped jennifer love hewitt. yes, THAT lousy, grade-z made for internet-tv tv show.) so me and nat talked loudly were happy while she sat to one corner riveted by sad woman ghost.

my sec 2 friends make me very very happy, without trying to. i love the fact we can have sleepovers with us in separate rooms, barely talking, watching grey's anatomy. the comfort ah. is insane.

anyway. naomin rocks. our senses were rudely invaded by 'umberella' mtv, and naomin was VERY angry. so she cursed rihanna vehemently: i hope she get... damn looooong scar on her leg!

ok it is funny cos that was a very lousy curse and it was said with so much aaaanger. haha. well. you had to be there.

anyway in between got photowhoring like siao. but before you judge, let me show you exactly how.. whorey we are.

There. Beautiful. Nat looks disturbingly like oompaloompa/nathan (i laugh UNTIL DIE OK OMG), i look REALLY sad, and naomin... no words la.

great teeth/i look like i have iron filings on my face/nat is sad i look like jayz.

nat looks like pontianak. is really damn scary.

dang. hantu ok, i swear. moss face and blood teeth. gorgeous.

ok then cos we are girls , must redeem with pritty pritty pictures.

(shirin photoshop until damn clever. if not my face is kuali.)

saturday was adeline's birthday thang. met shirin a little earlier but she had to leave so it was adeline christine me jerrine wei rui reuben joy at hollandv coffee club for dinner then essential brews for dessert. night picked up at essential brews, cos can sit on floor and talk until cosy cosy. and now, we have an increased knowledge of the male anatomy, and the guys an increased knowledge of the girls'. (this is not as dirty as it sounds, trust me.)

we also tested the male reaction to sanitary pads (pets).
when a pad floated into wei's personal space: 'ee! yuks take it away i don't wanna touch it!'
but then... to rui: *patpat. calmly take it into two hands and play*
and then... joy put one quietly on reuben's lap: *looks down in confusion* *comprehension* *HUGE smile*


the Brain also throbbed at turbo speed, this time between me jerrine and joy.
we were talkin bout some hot actor called oliver good-something.
joy: good... what? oliver goodman?
jerrine: good...lookin!
me: good... worker.
me, joy, jerrine: oliver good...dick!


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