Sunday, July 8, 2007

blogging homebody fiend

i am starting to become blog freak. i have nothing to fill the void that is my life, see.

snippets from last night.

at cell, after talking bout god-knows-what. actually, just after talking bout god la.
edwin: eh megan fox is a porn star leh. no wonder so hot.
me: ya but soft porn only, not hardcore one
weijie: whatever. porn still porn.
me: no! hardcore porn is like... feast. soft porn is more like...
edwin: (pause) snacks.
all: *filthy laughter*

at BBQ
rachel: it is the tragedy of the elite to consort with the unwashed barbaric masses
(in usual heinously elitist rachel fashion. but this is why i love rachel)

yipeng: eh starscream's name damn cool right
all: ya!
yipeng: in the movie subtitles, it is xingxingjiao

other niche topics covered:
1. jigong's magic gaoquek (dirty skin you can scratch off, especially from the body's nooks and crannies)
2. how only hokkien nang can have gaoquek
3. constipation. oh, the constipation
4. very unrhythmic tapping using fork and tomato ketchup bottle
5. rihanna's heinous vocals
6. china ppl who anyhow add on facebook
7. dancing to ciara's 'like a boy' and grabbing imaginary apparatus
8. 'eh guys! got this damn cool website you must go. it is where they teach you damn cool tricks using pens! pen!'

ok i don't see how anyone sane can understand what i am talking bout. but je ne care pas la.
i aime friends.

hiyoh. people see the amazing walking wind-up sushi toy in toys r us then they think of me LEH. why. first shirin's delightfully hideous egg-sushi earrings, then this.
other things that remind ppl of me: huge round pink pig, black gay erotica, dr burke, christina, (?!?!?!?! why both of them?!?!) ronald macdonald, and i should stop here before i blow my brains out in despair.

this is what i will remember my friends by when i leave lil ol singapore.

christine: d'oh! (smacks head)
fawn: i am the queen of everywhere.
jerrine: i messaged everyone in my contact list. first was christine... then.... (indefinite pause)
: fly safe, papi.
rachel: 'dhagger sthare' 'i don't wanna be a... murderer (said in most annoying womanly voice in the world)'
joy: sam you look like a suckling pig
nat: (takesphotostakesphotostakesphotos)
naomin: wah lau i crush james potter la!
sk: sam. shut up.

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