Sunday, July 15, 2007

gay men and church camp

the thing about having a small group of friends with whom i spend most of my going-out time is that our blogs tend to recount the same incidents but in distinct voices and with varying standards of english. v entertaining, like reading gp essays, but written by fahbulous students.

now it is time to begin laboriously recounting the last 2 nights. fri night i left work to rush off to church camp in sembawang (like, where?) just to reach in time for... supper. (oh, before i left, i got windfall. i found $150 in sea sports funds in my drawer NYEHEHEHEHEHE shiok. so i celebrated by taking a cab.)

so anyway, sat in canteen and talked to edwin calvin chris joanne and guess what. i am now known as the 'scary girl from rgs', the 'she-male' and - oh it just gets better - 'ah bang' (big brother). i.... cannot win la.

being the COOL CAMP it was, everyone wanted to sleep early but not before we christened Chris' single ab Wilson. so i called jerrine. calvin asked me if i was talking to my boyfriend and i had to pause before i said no. (sorry ah jerrine. this doesn't mean anything) such is the lack of boyaction in my life.

speaking of boyaction, next night was asian boys vol. 3 with the fiends! twas GOOD STUFF. funny and sweet and i don't wanna spoil it with my words la. just go watch. as shirin has already covered on her blog, i love the final sweeeeeeet scene with chris and guangming (harhar) holding hands. squeal.

the blatant usage of rj uniform tweaked to perfect unbookable standards and the school anthem was a tad unnerving. is it even allowed? had surreal sense of being back in school canteen, with half-empty, tehping cups littering the green tables, the squeaking of sneakers on the floor, and broad boy shoulders bent over dabianmian. (shit noodles, so named cos the uncle who cooks it doesn't wash his hands after well, dabian-ing. the wit of jc students. gotta love it.)

as straight young girls, we were the sad minority in the audience. we gazed around us in wonder and helplessness as a plethora of the finest male specimens in Singapore milled about in their tight-shirted, small-hipped splendor. to think, we mean less to them than... pee-sai la. :(

anyway, after that we went to hongkong cafe sans rachel who went to watch potty. had freaking RIOT, with the 'manymany breads' and 'oh if you like bread, have some crepe' and incongruous snape gestures and very very long songs about sausages and very very wrong song lyrics (sung to the tune of ABBA's Money Money Money: Bunny bunny bunny, mr funny...) and late night bra flashing. (jerrine will explain on her blog).

such a great night that i didn't wanna go back to swampland so i went home. so here i am, ponning Experiences 07 cos i am oily and lazy.

oh. the gods are laughing at me la. i try SO HARD to get into columbia then yesterday my father thrust a blue envelope at me. inside, it said: Dear Mr Lee, As an accomplished leader in your field, we invite you to attend Columbia Business School. my father... win me.

i laugh la. i laugh.

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