Monday, July 23, 2007


HARRY POTTER ROCKS MY SOCKS, PEOPLE. HE DOES. and i am in love with snape, btw. and i cried when dobby died and fred died (WHYWHYWHYWHYWHY) and lupin and tonks died.

but... albus severus potter? overkill, methinks. just a tad.

anyway weekend very busy i lazy to write but the alternative is writing about singapore business so i shall do... this.

thurs night: lear! twas genius. and ian mckellen is god la. nuff said. i liked ol gloucester too, he kinda reminded of sean connery from waaay up in our seats. and as rachel whispered, we can 'collect' all the shakespeare plays we go to alr lor. titus, antony and cleopatra, coriolANUS (sorry ah. am v mature), julius caesar, and now, lear. we... win.

oh. during the last part of the play when lear was wheeled out to meet cordelia for the first time since he disowned her (v emotional scene), the people behind me said this:

person 1: eh. that's a wheelchair.
person2: yah hor! it's a wheelchair!

messrs obvious and obviouser, in da house, yo.

after that was supper at makansutra where christine confirmed once and for all her, to put it mildly, all-consuming terror of cats. and where conversation flowed over lardy charkwayteow and broken egg.

me: wah lau i eat so much haam alr that tmr... i will shit haam.

fawn: cheekoopak! ------- jik (one) gubak (beef)!

ok long time ago i forgot other choice quotes alr soz.

friday: bbq at jerrine's house which rachel very sexily drove too. ate, as is usual, like a fiend. then we trooped up to tv room to er, sing disney songs. LOVE. memories of the fox and the hound were dredged up and jerrine and i commiserated over our yearning for our very own beast. (yipeng sang along too, ppl. all the while i though it was just the bass tones from jerrine's speakers but... no.)

then i had to rush off to lead my homeless gb friends to my house, though not before joining them at roti prata shop. (my stomach screamed.)

later at home i spread the joy of the mysterious ticking noise, vicky pollard and the fat fighters.

sat: breakfast at serangoon with gb ppl, home to continue potter frenzy, then cg at chris' house again, then SWISS MISS LEFT! :(:(:(:(:(

as christine so succinctly put it, the whole of facebook came to see her off. i think for me ah, the facebook group 'the smallest facebook group in the world' will come la.

fawn - i will miss you pls find good friends but pls don't forget us and pls remain nonsense and keep your 'british people=ukrainian' brain ok? i will see you on skype! technology roxxors!

i arrived at airport late to be greeted by bunch if tears. while yipeng sat in a far corner reading The Book. he was joined by an entire indian family with children running around his feet. a tender image from far, but here was his take on it: i wanted to kick them la.

then when one of the indian children fell down: wah. i don't even need to use my leg.

ah, paternal instincts.

and me and christine accidentally-but-secretly-on-purpose wore the same top.
at first - me: ee christine why you wear same!
christine: yuks don't stand near me when taking photo ah. so embarrassing.

christine: sam i got secret to tell you
me: izzit you wear this shirt knowing that i will wear too but wanting to test out your theory.
christine: YES!
me: ME ALSO!
us: -general incoherence-

incontrivertible evidence of the jelly mother brain.

then we had to leave fawn and her humongous entourage. and that was the end of that and I WILL SEE YOU NEXT YR AT EURO FAWN OK OK CONFIRM CHOP GUARANTEE.

sunday: church and met family friend elizabeth for freaking $30 brunch at bakerzin. but twas good. she told me of how nice law ppl at her internship firm brought her out for lunch everyday and paid for her and forced food down her throat.


apparently, i am still angry. i'm very aaaangry.

then at night was dinner at pines for mom's birthday at jap restaurant cos got 50% off voucher. (here's something interesting. guess where jerrine celebrated her mother's birthday approx one month ago, cos got 50% voucher. GUESS.)

so now i am 10kg heavier in the span of 2 days.

ok now it is lunchtime and i have wasted 1 hour at work typing this load of crap. yippee. byebye!

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