Friday, July 13, 2007


scary things can happen to a journalist. for example, embroiling myself (is it weird that those two words make me hungry) in l* h*ngy*'s complain saga. only in singapore will a complaint become underground headline news.

i was to be rewarded with a byline on the damning article for being an... informer. HAH LUCKY I SAY NO MAN. if not, my name as of today would have to be Lee Seng Hoe. Then i will have perfect name to set up arowana shop. woo.

ok my boring life so far:
wed - lunch with wesleyan frosh, work until damn late. (meaning, 8pm)
thurs - ootp with fiends

as usual, time passed v fast even though we were in the heartland of heartlands doing the most heartlandy thing a heartlander can do - seated at a foodcourt in amk hub eating meekia ('mee children', in english)

ootp was ok. as with all harry potter films, it recedes out of memory once i leave the theatre. the books, on the other hand... NEXT FREAKING SATURDAY.

oh but i CRUSH LUCIUS MALFOY. i think i have a thing for nasty men with long white hair, a cape, and a walking stick with snake skull embellishments. ZO SEXY LOR. and the british accent. ooooOOOoooOoOOOoooOOoh.

again, conversation was funny.

jerrine: i went to volunteer at this old folks' home, and there was this 28-yr-old guy there...
me: hah?! he is an old folk ah?!
jerrine: *scream with laughter* the youngest old folk in the world.

i love old folk. singular. 'eh, old folk! get out of my soup la!'
sounds so much nicer than 'eh, old man! get out of my soup la!'

after ootp, we speculated about harry potter book #8. if jk rowling wants to make money, she should just sign endorsement deals with everyone in the world and put it in the book.

sample: Harry walked into Snape's dungeon. He held a LOVELY COLD CAN OF COKE to his parched lips and drank the REFRESHING JUICE OF LIFE. Snape scowled at him. 'why are you drinking this DELICIOUS CAN OF COKE, boy? i hate you! i will beat you with this STATE OF THE ART TEFLON FRYING PAN FROM TARGET!' harry fell to the floor in fear. 'please don't beat me! if not i will have to go to ARANA SPA, BLK 657 SIMLIM SQUARE to recuperate! and THE BANK WITH THE LOWEST INTEREST RATE, that is, CITIBANK will revoke my PLATINUM GENTLEMAN'S CREDIT CARD!' snape sneered down at the cowering boy, dressed head to toe in NIKE B.I.R.D APPAREL. 'eat my toe,' he whispered. harry looked up, and...

i could go on forever. my point was, it is a good idea and jk should do it. and i should help her.

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