Tuesday, July 24, 2007


apparently my last post almost induced hernia in rachel so for that, i apologize.

i got my first byline yesterday! on big article summore! but as it is with many things in my life, the anticipation outshone the actual event itself. but anyway, if you are so inclined, pls dig up young investors forum in BT on 23 July 2007. thank you. appreciate.

i am sitting at desk again. my friends are going to krabi tonight so even though i cannot go and hate it i hope you guys have fun and pls don't eat mushrooms and pls swim WITH the current and don't struggle against it if you are ever in that situation which i hope not ok thank you very much.

oh everyone pls go listen to slow dancing in a burning room by john mayer. even though i disapprove completely of his choice of hairstyle and ex-arm candy (the classy and elegant jessica simpson), this is ONE GOOD SONG. can cry one. ok but if you don't like emo emo song then go away and don't listen.

reading fawn's exciting exciting recount of first few days alone in switzerland has increased thousandfold my excitement to go off myself. but i am still sad. and scared. subtly, i am pushing my parents away and speaking to them less cos that will make the moment of leaving much easier. ok this is as emo as i am ever gonna get on this blog cos i am an emotional pariah (carey. hahahahaha.) and i sincerely believe ppl are not interested in my drawn out self-analysing so... lets talk about other things.

like... dinosaurs.

on saturday i was arguing with ian about dinosaurs. he said trex always kill brontosaurus. but in Land Before Time littlefoot's mother could put up big fight against the bad trex right? she used her neck and tail sort of as clubs to pummel the bastard, no? anyway if anyone can help me clarify tell me on tagboard thanks. i must win.

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