Thursday, July 19, 2007


today, i almost told the associate dean of FASS that FASS is a dumping ground.
today, a minister of state said i looked 'very well-groomed'.

the world works in mysterious ways.

anyway was at stupid SDU for press con just now. they have a 'lovebytes' cafe where singles can... mingle. (i just vomited a little in my mouth.) it is painted in block colors to facilitate the generation of... good feelings. i was reminded of my kindergarten playroom. it is scary that cash-laden PMEBs are relegated to an out of the way, dusty, mildew-infested playroom to 'make life-long friends' and 'potential life partners'.

and now, the government has found a way to make ALL the dating agencies in singapore belong to the SDU (some accreditation thingy, boring stuff). so, whichever dating agency you decide to frequent, YOU WILL BE MEETING THE SAME PEOPLE WHOM THE GOVERNMENT THINKS ARE RIGHT FOR YOU.

wah lau. i think i shall go to burma to find a mate la.

anyway, great news. i can get harry potter on FRIDAY. FRIDAY, PEOPLE! NOT SATURDAY! this is due to some great corruption on a certain newspaper publisher's part.

and and, lear tonight. whee.

my story in the paper today is devoid of a byline COS I FORGOT TO SEND IN MY NAME. <- my life, as written by the gods.

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