Wednesday, July 18, 2007

i like yale people

last night's interview was fun stuff. went to pretentious yale alumni's house (she says 'sehdurday' (saturday) and 'rodee prada' (roti prata)) where 11 yale students converged. and she is so angmoh that we must wear shoes indoors and have wine and cheese and crackers LEH. wah lau. but fun la.

interview was boring, cos i had to ask boring questions. but, when twas all over, they were naaaahce.

andrew (little gay boy who wears harry potter glasses): wesleyan people are very fashionable
me: really.
andrew: yeah! the last time i went, they were wearing bell-bottoms
andrew: i mean the trend du jour (CONSPERM GAY) is skinny jeans, but they were all like 'skinny jeans is SO 2005... we're totally 2912' *robot dance*

and he told me bout parties in wesleyan with weird themes like 'iceland' where ppl dressed up with harpoons and snowshoes and the decorative snow was, in fact, cocaine.

(christine, on hearing the above story: sam, i think wesleyan will change your life.)

and how they were going to MOS tonight to study how an exorbitant liquor tax affects the nightlife of the locals (i think, i THINK he was lying la)

i am sorry this is so boring, but i am boring cos i am bored. i am also bored when i am boring. so i will remain bored and boring forever.

today i gehkiang and bring phone and usb cable so i can charge it at work. i was nyehehing to myself and congratulating myself on my GREAT IDEA. BUT THEN, as is wont to happen, the freaking computer SAP ALL THE FREAKING BATTERY from my phone! where got such thing?! throughout the day the battery got lower and lower but i (stupidly) thought, cannot be la. then suddenly my phone made teeoteeo sound and it... died. and now i am an unconnected denizen of the digital world. sucks.

so jerrine, that's why i never call you and shirin, that's why i stopped messaging you bout bryan 'rocker' john jacobs.

on behalf of the evil bastard computer spirits, i apologize.

a funny thing happened yesterday. i was chatting to joy on the sph network then i pressed a wrong button so everything i typed suddenly came out in chinese. so when joy talked to me i was damn stressed and could only say 我不知道 and 再见. haha. the... loserness la. is monumental.

joy: sam where are you?
me: (frantically) 我不知道!
joy: hahaha this is hilarious
me: 再见再见


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