Wednesday, July 25, 2007

amy winehouse is fug.

hi all. rui is my blog's number one fan. pls applaud thank you. he will attest to the interesting convo we had last night. or, just go read his blog k thx. all there in mortifying black and white.

shirin wrote on her blog about her brusque relationship with her sister and how she won't miss her when gone.

i am not proud to say i also have a brusque (non)relationship with my brother and will not miss him at all. i get pangs of sadness when i see other ppl all pally with their siblings, esp jerrine and her sisters, but i just cannot be... emotionally goaded enough to actually initiate a teary reunion with a stranger existing in close proximity. besides, he'll probably grunt like the neanderthal he is and not look me in the eye.

ok that didn't help. haha.

i'm just waiting for that miraculous, shady period of time ten or so years down the road when we will both suddenly, conveniently reconcile 29 years of indifference by sole virtue of our matured sensibilities.

my ass la. but i can wish anyway. gives me an excuse not to act now, at least.

oh! i get emo when i'm bored. interesting.

ok title of post is nonsense. i was listening to her song when i typed it. but she IS fug. songs nice only, but that is no excuse for looking like a beehive on a stick.

so... what else to say. shirin is back at rj with her... new acquisition, for lit week! i miss lit week! even though i was minimally involved, as i always am in things like these, twas fun. mr ng choon ping added muchly to the gaiety, plaited goatee and all.

methinks i shall put up some lit trip pictures here soon. it seems SO LONG ago now, but was only last yr! it was FUN SHIT. we went to freaking... york, and scotland, and stratford LEH. and the bavarian room where gavin reclined in the manner of cleopatra and mr ng demonstrated late night taichi. and a certain huimin or whatzername injected much invited drama into the trip, what with her thick clear plastic hairbands (there should be international embargo on those monstrosities) and histrionics. and fried-to-hell breakfasts. and m&s cold chicken eaten while sitting on grass. and phaedra. HAHAHAHA PHAEDRA.

oh newsroom got free mooncakes. omg. the tongue is coming out.

ok thank the lords. i just got something to do. ta.

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