Sunday, July 8, 2007

first farewell

it's late and Live Earth is on and i don't feel like sleeping. (btw, Live Earth is just SO COOL.)
so, today i woke up obscenely late, ran a little cos one week of teas and prone-ness makes me feel like a rolling lump of dough, ate 'cooked food' (that's what they call economical rice. original, these hawker people), then took a nap cos running and eating make me sleepy. omg i'm so bored typing this man. then went to cell at chris' house which is obscenely big and has AUTOTAPS HOW COOL IT THAT then took an obscenely expensive cab ride to fawn's house in which she does not yet reside for BBQ in the dark with occasional flashes of camera light to confuse me and jerrine into thinking that the lights are coming back on.

and cos i ate in the dark i think i ate a raw chicken wing and now my stomach hurts. SHIT MAN BIRD FLU SHIT.

it's scary how much more i respect people with a sense of humour than people with a sense of responsibility. oh, and i also respect people who appreciate good food. and by 'appreciate' i mean 'being able to inhale food'. this is indicative of an ability to enjoy the unnecessary pleasures of life which, in my opinion, are the only things worth enjoying anyway.

if my father ever read this he would make me study TCM in singapore alr. consperm.

ok tmr night i gots the dinner with my father's primary 2 friends. (no, he is not best buds with 8-yr-olds. he has known them since he was a guppy-catching, siewmai-eating, chinese-failing, overweight kid.)
heh all of them are fat now. all look like siew mai. which is a bloody freaky coincidence.

god i need social life la. i am excited at meeting 3 overweight, very married, ancient men who can't even pronounce 'eminem'.

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