Tuesday, July 10, 2007

short rant before lunch

wah lau. i hate grumpy journalists. in newsroom there are like stacks of newspapers all over the place and everyday a new edition is placed on top of the stack. the woman on my first day say i can read the newspapers. so this morning i took today's paper from the stack nearest to me, and this STUPID FAT MAN turn around and say in damn loud voice that whole newsroom can hear 'why did you take MY paper without asking? that's very rude you know.' then he freaking DIAO me ok wah lau go and die lar. everyone around me ignore me summore so i put back the paper and go back meekly to my seat like the lowly intern i am.

what i should have said: honest mistake la stupid lanjiao.
what i said: sorry sorry! i didn't know.

ok gourmet canteen food beckons. bye.

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