Tuesday, July 10, 2007

2 posts in one day zomg

nyeheh my blog is pop you lah.

just came home from dinner with long lost friend jasmine. indulged in belgian chocolate coffee, egotistical banter and scary movie 1-4 reenactments.

(for those privileged few who have watched scary movie 1, please never forget Miss Man and her long balls. thanks.)

jasmine: eh, why don't guys like me ah. the thing is, i am very interesting and funny lor. how can they not like.
me: OMG ME ALSO I ALSO DAMN GOOD LA. win all polite and stupid girls in the world k.

also, siokkhoon on hearing (erroneously) that i was to reside in an all girls' dorm: i have two words for you: furry cup.

HAHAHAHA. i cannot tell you how much i love that statement. win carpet munching and velvet goldmine 10million times man.

in other news, i finally have interesting assignment! interview yale students who go cambodia on cip trip. must assign photographer also. i am SO gonna make them put on ugly make up heheheheheheh.

omg. i am certifiably bored out of my mind.

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