Monday, August 6, 2007

for you jerrine!

So you can be horny in your relatives' house until school starts! Lub choo many many!

To the rest of the world, these are jerrine's farewell presents to me:

look at his incredible hulk pecs. just look at them. i shall call them bibi and baba, just cos they are so big.

cos i am a depraved pervert, here are the two men getting acquainted. bumfun, anyone? (is it just me, or does shawn REALLY look like a bloody pervert here?)

ps. farewell at airport v fun and v sad. jerrine's HUGEASS family and lesser ranked friends were angry cos we hog her, but we get first dibs cos of the sacred confab lor. my present entitled 'jerrine's men' induced tears of... horn (horniness?) and i was happy. frantic phototaking ensued which was as stressful as lim shok hoon's ss class in sec 3 but as fun as andrew chia's plantsex(tm) lessons. read all bourrit on christine's blog!

omg my freaking blog is a bloody ad for other ppls' lor. i am the wood between the worlds. (if dun unnerstand, you are loser and pls go read narnia series k thx.)

oh tonight had 9 course family dinner on my behalf at teochew restaurant. i eat until must roll home again. but the dessert got orhnee and tausa so i was happy. I LIKE DEM TEOCHEWS LA THEY ARE A GOOD AND CLEVER RACE. met my cousin's girlfriend for the first time, who was kinda disappointing. it's sad how perceptions of ppl you think you know well are shattered by their personal choices they have made entirely without your influence or consent. (shit. i think i have a BIT of god complex leh.)

oh well, whatever. sleepy. byebye.

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