Friday, December 28, 2007


so. recounts. a bit sian leh, cos the only reason i blog in the US is for singapore fiends to read, but i am now WITH singapore fiends for the vast majority of my time, so what for eh.

ok la, but i ask rachel to blog, and she did, so if i didn't, i'd be a hypocrite.

blahblahblah. ok. so since returning, i have:

had nice-ass bbq at aunt's house and spent time with cousins
screamed in christine's house on christmas eve
entertained many ppl who commented on my newfound corporeal prosperity (FAT LA K, FAT.) on christmas day
been called 'buff queen' by edwin :(
met nat for a day of tcc and toast
met fiends at corduroy again
met gb ppl for some good ol' life lamenting
had prata/yakult with neighbour (who said i now look like a little hobbit :(:(:()
watched inordinate amounts of a korean variety show on youtube
ran. once.

and i have eaten:
meepok da
economical rice (:D:D:D:D:D)
half-boiled eggs
kaya toast
nasi lemak

and am going to hk in 4 hours for some money spending.

life is goot.
oh and just chatted briefly with somin, eric and linda online. was nice!

k now must go run for second time
may die in the attempt, so wish me luck!

ps. yushi tagged me in a photo OF A FAT YELLOW M&M. WARRAOZ.

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