Thursday, December 6, 2007

life is quite nice la.

hello all. i am glad to see that my ramble last night elicited much response in the tagboard area. thass good, my friends. thass good.

today i went to thrift store with dance friend to buy costumes for dance. (mmph. may sunday, which is when i perform, never come. i may transfer after that.) thrift store is AMAZING. got like, vintage silk bloomers and lady lacy gloves and hula skirts and ugly porcelain cats. but at night will have things come alive one, so quite scary.

hmm. am quite happy tonight, dunno why. mebbe it's cos i watched nice movie (about luuuurve. got woman come up to busker to talk to him, then they fall in love and he buy her piano. WHY MY LIFE NOT LIDDAT. I THINK IF I BUSK... POLICE WILL CATCH OK.) after dinner with siyou and jega. or mebbe cos went to nice jazz performance with elena somin and paul. or mebbe cos i came back to my room early FOR ONCE and watched TWO EPISODES OF THE JOY THAT IS UGLY BETTY, YO. whilst eating grapes and blueberries summore. shiok sia. or mebbe it's cos i read jerrine's blog and she says we make her happy. or mebbe it's cos NAT CALLED ME TODAY AND I HEARD HER VOICE IN LIKE, A MILLION YRS!!!!!!! (HELLO NAT I HEART YOU MANY MANY THANKS FOR THE 14 SECONDS!) ok i am damn gay now but whatever la hor.

ok i feel like rambling again. oh i got an A for my french essay! applaud pls, i am not the worst student in wesleyan anymore!

amit has a plastic menorah outside his room which he plugs in and lights up everynight.
'my synagogue sent me this toy menorah and i had to share it with all of you'.

DUNNO WHY THAT IS FUNNY, BUT IT IS. why synagogue send 20 yr old man a... toy menorah. why.

i need to stop shouting on my blog. it may stress readers out.

ok must sleep now cos tmr must wake up early to dance (HAHAHAHA). I am in the role of The Boss. not the boss like in super mario who is giant tortoise and everyone must kill, but boss as in, the workplace. ok i think it is not right that when i think of boss, the first thing that comes to mind is computer games. why liddis. why. i am rambling again. so, byebye y'all.

(oh and if you are a sick bastard and would like to have nightmares forevermore, pls google 2 girls 1 cup. thank you.)

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