Monday, December 10, 2007

an excellent night

last night was great. and since great nights are really few and far between, i shall recount. (actually lousy night also i recount leh. ok whatever.)

after a disastrous day, went for european party in the evening. it was a really nice party, with warm wine and sweet wine and music and groups of ppl standing around and talking. no sordid nonsense again. man europeans are cool. they are just... dignified. ok that was very stupid sentence pls do not judge k thx.

then left to go to triple a for korean party (:D:D:D:D) but ended up going upstairs to luke's room where twas drunken singaporean gathering again. and as is usual with singaporeans, a lot of shouting in dialect and happiness ensued. ended up in lo-rise apartment where... sights were seen, let's just leave it at that. my eyes, even in my drunken stupor, almost bled la.

stumbled into bed at 4.30, woke up at 9am to go for dance performance. HEEHEE. I PERFORM TODAY LEH. I, OF THE WOBBLY KNEES AND SWEATY PALMS, ACTUALLY STOOD UP IN FRONT OF PPL AND MOVED. AMAZING. warraoz damn embarrassing. but fun la. i shall buy the dvd and bring home let parents see, so they will be proud of me.

ok i dunno how that last sentence slipped out.

and now i must return to the drudgery. byebye.

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