Monday, December 3, 2007


shit la slept at 5am again my face is a giant pimple.

it is 12.47am and i have to write an essay on dance. so, i am online.

ok, recap of sat night blahblahblah. this is now solely for me to remember when i am 99 yrs old and i need to read my life archive and laugh rheumatically about my banal youth.

so. went to watch choir.orchestra performance with sue and nate, cos somin performing. slept. went to erwin's room to drink again, got drunk. was again amazed at the prevalent internationalness - indonesia jamaica japan singapore korea usa represent. went to studio 54 party, cos got awesome 70s music. left early cos somin and eric awkward, cos korean.

oh along the way, i kept beating yushi's puffy jacket cos.. very puffy. so must beat. then i asked him to roll down a hill. then he ran up a grass hill and... rolled down. i died la. look like sausage ok. sausage.

ended up drunk in paul im's room where he was watching korean clips on youtube, looking like ahma. and he fed me and eric with japanese gummies. shiok shit. then went out into cold cold night and eric, who knows all the lyrics to all the disney songs in the world, shouted colors of the wind. i also shout. then i slept.

then now i am going to sleep at 4am again cos i am not doing work. PANGSAI LA, PANGSAI.

ok this post sucks. i hate it. byebye!

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