Saturday, January 5, 2008

black widow days

so, have arrived at the big 2-0. life sucks.

past few days:-

wed went mambo with fiends. eventful night.

thurs night went for wesleyan dinner at shuwei's house/palace. food was very very good. they surprised me with birthday cake! awfully chocolate summore. nice :D

fri was a very local day - went to qianhu fish spa with naomin and nat in the afternoon where i was terrorised by the multitude of teeny leech-like fish that attached themselves to my feet in the pool. WAHLAU. is damn disgusting ok (so disgusting, in fact, that naomin's toes curled. and she bit her towel. so did i, for that matter.). SO MANY MOUTHS. but quite fun after a while la. though there were two mf-ing big fish that kept following us and nipping our ankles. i was very angry. then went to simpang at night for prata. then stayed over at nat's place where... my birthday cake was 4 egg tarts with a jelly in the middle. HIYOOOOH. i laugh until die. jelly damn disgusting and wobbly one. cannot take it.

and today, in an attempt to recapture my lost youth, we went to playground and sat on swing. there is something bout swings that makes one inexplicably happy. (except the sweaty thighs after la. that one not nice hahaha.)

ok sleepy now going to take nap. old woman alr, must preserve energy :(:(:(

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