Saturday, January 26, 2008



1. i have relinquished possession of my laptop cos it died on me and is now under repair. a week using somin's korean mac will be... torture. but thanks, somin :D
2. i am still jetlagged.
3. i have a potential ushering job, which means free performances.
4. i got into taiko class, which is where i learn traditional japanese drumming. COOL SHIT OMG I AM DAMN HAPPY I PASS AUDITIONS WAH LAU. damn cool damn cool damn cool :):):):):):):)
5. i may, MAY, be going to costa rica/puerto rico for spring break!
6. i am, at this present moment, liking friends here.
7. so, yay.

ok, drunk roommates came into room with bunch of drunk friends and i must sleep now but cannot. not so yay. omg i hate angmohnangs wah lau.

ok whatever. shall blast kpop to chase them out.

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