Monday, January 7, 2008


i am damn sleepy (as i am, so often nowadays. dunno why.) but cannot sleep. so i am listening to korean music and playing with laptop in wee hours of morning.

i. feel. sian. i need to stop feeling unsatisfied with my life. so, these are my belated new yr resolutions which i know i will not keep but as a responsible adult i am obligated to pen down.

1. stop being unsatisfied with life
2. improve GPA. drastically.
3. stop being frigid bitch. (HARHARHARHAR THIS ONE CONSPERM FAIL.)
4. stop eating like a cow. carnivorous one, at that.
5. stop hoping my life will end up like korean drama.
6. stop being so negative. (in a bid to obey: start being positive!!! :):):):)) (ok tired alr. too many smileys.)

resolutions all damn vague, purposely one. have room to squirm out hahaha.

anyway. since this is the probably the last yr i can do so without being called a perverse... pervert, i shall put up pictures of pritty boys. cos so pritty. and i am determined to meet them one day.

pritty until die right wah lau. (pls don't judge and condemn hor, this is very normal mental regression to prepubescent mindset due to denial of old age.)

ok not that anyone cares, but names are siwon, kangin, donghae and kibum.
face all tofu. why real ppl don't look like that ah, why.

blahblahblah. damn bored. last night was birthday dinner with family and relatives. eat seafood until v happy. today was surprised by church friends with cake! and cutout happy bday sign (got no space for the 'irth' hahaha)! they very nice, the heart was warm again. meep.

ok this is too boring. gonna sleep. night.

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