Tuesday, January 15, 2008

long time no see

so, what have i been doing? i also dunno. the days just pass in a blur and whirl of going out, meeting people, coming home, sleeping at ungodly hours, and repeating the cycle again. also, i have spent an ungodly amount of time immersing myself in korean pop culture, not a very wholesome and healthy pastime, methinks. i have mysoju.com to blame for this.

and i freaking fell sick so cannot exercise so will return to wesleyan as fat/fatter than when i left. ah, life. and i feel lethargic everyday so go out also feel sian. HIYOH.

it's funny how so many things that filled up so much of my time in the US have lost their lustre here. ie. facebooking and getting drunk. strangely and pleasant-surprisingly enough, i never feel the need to intoxicate myself here. and it's sad how quickly i can lose contact with ppl i have been in close contact with for the past 4 months, and not feel bothered by it. ah well, this cannot continue. (recall, if you please, New Year's Resolution #3: Stop being a frigid bitch.)

k. ungodly hour again. shall stop listening to Wonderboys by Super Junior and go to sleep.

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